Oversize Muse owners: affirmation needed!

  1. Just got back from NYC, where I purchased an Oversize Chocolate Muse at the YSL on 57th for my birthday. The bag is beautiful, and I am 95% certain that I love it. But a small part of me wonders if its too big and perhaps I should exchange it for a Large.

    I initially decided on the Oversize because it seems like the "quintessential" Muse to me. In my opinion, the Oversize bag looks better because it is more vertical, with the long "Y". The Large seemed more short and squatty (since the bases of the bags are essentially the same size; the Oversize is just taller).

    I'm 5'4'' (and no size 6) and I usually wear 2-3'' heels. I am planning on using this bag most often as a work tote, and I already have several beautiful smaller- and medium-sized brown bags (including Chanel's Mini-Reporter, Fendi Spy, Mulberry Roxanne, YSL Mombasa, LV Batignolles).

    So fellow Oversize Muse owners, please tell me that I made the right purchase. Please tell me its a keeper. Please tell me why you love your bag. I'd really appreciate it.:yes:
  2. I'm also 5'4 and have the XL chocolate muse. I totally agree with you and think that the Muse looks best in the larger size. Take a look in the celebs and their ysl bags thread. Almost all the women that have muse bags are all super tiny - and they all have the XL bag. It's also the size that was featured in all of ysl press ads for the bag, so that says something too.
    It's a bag that's meant to have some punch and stand out. I say love your XL chocolate and wear her well!
  3. I'm 5'6 and weight around 120 pound. I'm not tiny but i'm not big. I have also just purchased xl chocolate muse. First i was hesitant about its size too but when i tried the large one, i think that the xl looks much better for me. I use it everyday for 3 days now and i don't wanna change which is quite unusual for me. I think its so versatile and classic. You have made the right choice. Try not to have a second thought. I'm like you who have many smaller bags. Why not change this time. Have something different and surprise yourself!!!!
    Good luck.
  4. The jury is still out with me in terms of muse sizes.....I am not petite and cannot carry the large or xl muse as a shoulder bag, like you see most petite celebrities carrying it...so I feel like I am carrying a suitcase! The muse is beautiful in both sizes, so it is really a matter of preference! I am sure you made the right choice!
  5. Thank you so much gals for making me feel better about my choice. :flowers: I'm carrying the bag for the first time today, and I am starting to feel it!

    I think that if I had chosen the Large, I'd probably be having many more second thoughts/regrets about whether I should have gotten the Oversize...
  6. ^^I agree. If this thread isn't enough. Check out curvy little (5'1?) Selma Hayek rocking her XL Muse. She looks fantastic with it!
  7. I just bought a Large Chocolate Muse this weekend. Personally I like the way the large looks and I like a shoulder bag better. It's all personal preference. If you like it keep it. It's what you feel comfortable in. I say rock it!
  8. I tried on both sizes and neither felt comfortable as a shoulder bag. So, I based my decision on how I was going to carry the bag, which was on the forearm, and the large was a much better fit for my frame size.

    Also, I don't carry a lot in my purse; therefore, the oversize would have a ton of wasted space.
  9. All 3 sizes are fantastic looking. I think the 'look' of the bag's style is best in the XL (runway size & what you see most in pics), that's the quirkiness of it too. That said, I got it in all 3 sizes for 3 different reasons. I got the medium in the white because my DH doesn't care for big white bags & I felt it would be easier to keep an eye on in that size (eg.. won't be bumping it into anything or accidentally dragging it on the ground). I got the Black & Red ones in the large size because that is a more pratical size for 'me' for everyday use (eg. work). I got the XL in the dark brown because I LOVE the XL size in choco in the Muse and when I want to 'rock' the look of the Muse (ex. shopping, going into the city, etc..) I pull out the XL! So, I love and use them in all 3 sizes. You just can't go wrong with any size. It's really all about what you feel comfortable wearing. I'm so glad to hear you're starting to carry it and 'feel' it!! :smile:
  10. Thanks again for your advice and support.

    Roey, I understand your point about the Oversize having a "ton of wasted space," because I don't carry a lot of stuff. I guess that's the part that bugs me slightly too. But I think the bag just looks great, so I'm trying to get over that...

    Golden, you are the Queen of Muses, because you have around 4 of them now, right? I think that's great!!! Fyi, I saw your new Large Red/Burgundy Muse in Saks NYC last week, and it is even more gorgeous in real life.
  11. So glad you got to see it IRL. I so agree, the pictures just don't do it justice. It's difficult to show how dark cherry red it is!! It is definitely a fun color to add into a Muse collection once you have the staple color(s). :smile:
  12. As a follow up, I just wanted to say, for those of you contemplating Muse purchases now, that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my Oversize Muse after two weeks of ownership. No regrets whatsoever. Thanks to all of you for your advice! :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  13. I think the oversize is such an arresting bag. You made a great purchase.:yes: I would have seriously considered it if only the straps went over my shoulder! The SF boutique had a chocolate oversized Yse that was truly beautiful too.