Overseas vacation ideas - I hate the cold!!

  1. Okay so my fiance and I want to go on vacation next week or so and we'd like to go overseas. The thing is we aren't big beach people since my family is still in Ft. Lauderdale we just go down there for our beach time. Anyone have any good ideas on places to go where it isn't super cold and there are interesting things to do?? Maybe historical sites, museums, food...

  2. The Philippines, it is very warm right now....very inexpensive once you're there....and although there are alot of great beaches...there's good clubs, shopping and historical stuff....

    Or more exensive, but also warm now Hon Kong.
  3. How about Peru? You could see Machu Picchu and many other historical sites, as well as the Amazon. Mexico would also be fun. Or Italy. Or Greece. Now I want to go somewhere!
  4. Italy :love: Rome is by far my fave, and if you travel to Pompeii it gets pretty hot too.
  5. Come to Sydney Australia :smile:
    Its very warm right now and it would be nice to spend time at the beach. Foods are plenty to choose from, from traditional and modern australian cuisine, seafood, italian, french, spanish,chinese/thai/vietnamese and so many food places that are catered for the healthy conscious. There are so many fancy restaurants and cafes too.

    There are museums scattered in CBD, botanical garden, street market at the rocks on the weekend, also head to the darling harbour (and chinatown nearby), opera house and harbour bridge (must do the bridge climb!) and oooh..shopping of course!
  6. These are all great ideas! We both have lots of frequent flyer miles too so we might see which ones we could use.

    I thought Italy was a bit cold now...hmm. I just checked and its in the 50s-60s, which is still better than where I am (in the 20s). I LOVE Rome and Italy in general - I haven't been lucky enough to visit those other places!
  7. Lucky for you, our planet boasts two - not one but two - spectacular subcontinents, Meso-America and South Asia - both offer the most beautiful music, embroidery, and people, not to mention the most delicious food on earth!**

    And both are kept toasty warm year-round for your live slow-roasting pleasure!

    ** Please start another thread to argue about the music food, etc being world's best. I know the Horn of Africa is a tie on the most beautiful people, but I don't know if her "warm" goes up to 140 Fahrenheit...
  8. Italy will definitely still be cold right now, even if you're going further south that Rome. One April I was in Sicily and still couldn't really go to the beach. I'd go somewhere in South America, I've heard that Uruguay is really nice. And my bf loved Argentina when he was there recently.

    Have you had good luck using your miles so last minute? I feel like I can never use my miles even when I try to book months in advance!
  9. How about Brasil? We went there couple years ago and there're so much to see and do. And it's hot there now.
  10. Ocho Rios Jamaica? Grand CAyman? My faves :smile:
  11. St Barts right now would be lovely!!!! :supacool:
  12. My family's doing a cruise for Easter. We're going to Miami, Puerto Rico, Antigua, St. Thomas & the cruise ship's private island. Lots of excursions on each island so I don't have to sit on the beach all day if I don't want to. I think it's the best of both world-you can be a beach bum if you want or you can explore stuff!
  13. cancun...you could go see the mayan pyramids
  14. We went to Buenos Aires last year using our miles on Delta with reservations about 2-3 weeks in advance. Our first choice was Paris, but we couldn't use our miles at the time for that. We had a great time. So I'm hoping we can use the miles again, esp. because they're on Delta and I don't want a bunch of miles sitting there with all their financial issues.

    Puerto Rico is a great place to visit - I was there for about 4-5 days two years ago. Old San Juan was my favorite. Of course I also love Miami, I'm from Ft. Lauderdale. That sounds like a fun cruise. I wouldn't mind a cruise right about now - hate the cold - but my fiance hates cruises. Oh well.

    Lots of great ideas! Thanks!
  15. I would suggest Australia, if you've never been its a must! It's also summer there at the mo so its bound to be hot! There's loads to do if you're not into the beach, especially Sydney!

    If Oz isnt for you, then Brazil or Mexico are beautiful. Visit Rio De Janiero if you choose Brazil, it's one of the most spectacular places I have ever visited!