Overseas Purchasing


....ever ours
Feb 10, 2006
I made my first purchace from overseas. The bag arrived with defective zippers. It took two emails to get a response from the company. I was very surprised that they are not going to provide a return shipping label. Every company I have ordered from in the U.S. provides this as a matter of course. Indeed, it is always included with the original shipment for customer ease. So now I am left to negotiate international shipping. Plus, the amount they stated they MIGHT refund for shipping is far less than the actual shipping costs. I am surprised and disappointed by this experience. :sad2:

Any advice??
I hestitated to say because they have been a sponsor here and I don't want to ruffle any feathers. However, they are being rather rude about the whole situation. They state that it is impossible to provide me with a shipping label even though they are asking me to return it to a location within the U.S. They also state they cannot pay for the return shipping - even on a defective item - as they state they are "not allowed" to refund more than the original purchase price to my credit card. I do that all the time on my job! It's been a very frustrating experience, and while the cost of shipping won't break me...I don't understand the attitude. Nordstrom sent me a defective pair of shoes once and they were happy to credit me for the return shipping. Zappo's pays for shipping both ways regardless of the reason for return. And this company is haggling about paying the shipping for a defective item??
ahhhh, gotcha. Could it have been another CO you posted about before? Curious, don't want to give them any of my business ;)

Glad to see you posting BTW :smile:
Very good detective skills there! You're on the right trail. ;) I had thought to exchange for another - perhaps different - bag...but I'm not inclined to do any business with them at the moment!

Guess I'll have to search for something else to assuage my bag lust....:biggrin:
I've been everywhere for work and leisure, and I have to say this. The US is the only place in the world where you can shop and get a refund within 2-4 weeks anywhere. In Paris, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea - you buy it, its yours for life. In rare situations you can exchange for size, but that's about it.
Unfortunately, I haven't seen this particular bag elsewhere. But that's okay because the bag now seems "cursed" to me. So I will now be in search of something different. I will be keeping a close eye on the WTS threads here. A more trustworthy and friendlier place to shop! :biggrin:

TammyD: Yikes! That's not encouraging! I plan to send the bag back tomorrow. If they give me too much more hassle, I will do a chargeback with the credit card company and battle it out from there.

I hate returning things. But the zippers don't work!
Wow, I am growing more and more disappointed with this company. Instead of an apology for defective merchandise and a "We'll be happy to refund your money", they are being rude and argumentative. Their policies state you can return within 30 days for ANY reason, so - defective or not - I am supposed to be able to return and get a full refund in that time. If they do not promptly refund my card, I will file a chargeback with the cc company. They are really arguing refunding shipping, though. They "might" offer me store credit, and only at an amount they have pre-determined (since the dispute). Of course, their amount is less than the actual cost of return shipping. And what am I going to do with store credit? Even if I wanted to shop with them again - and I don't!! - there is nothing they sell for that amount of money. What gets me most is how rude they are being about it. Saying I'm the only American customer who has ever been dissatisfied with them! What the heck?? Had the bag not been defective, I would have happily kept it and used it. Or, if I had simply changed my mind, I would have returned it within their required time frame. There should be no argument or drama. If we ever make a mistake with a client or are at "fault" for some reason, we apologize and do everything we can to rectify the situation. I just don't understand why they are being so snotty about my wanting to return a bag on which the zippers get stuck!

Arrrghhhh! I'm so frustrated and I needed to vent!! :mad:
Thank you, Kathyrose. I appreciate your kind and supportive thoughts. Shopping choices are slim where I live so shopping online adds a lot more options. However, I think in the future I will with more "known" sites.