Overseas Price Difference??

  1. Hello everyone! I was wondering if there are any Hong Kong PFers here!! I know there are, but I just can't quite remember whom!!

    If I'm this is posted in the wrong place or not supposed to be posted at all, please remove. I just don't know where I should direct this question. :s

    The question is this: Is there a price difference in Hong Kong Louis Vuitton compared to the U.S. Vuittons?? The reason why I ask is because I'm planning a shopping trip in October to HK and I'm looking to purchase an Epi Jasmin and a Malibu Street (to save on the high NY sales tax). Their respective prices in USD is $1040.00 and $825.00. If multiplied by the currect exchange rate of $7.77, the Epi Jasmin would be $8080.80 and the Mailbu Street $6410.25. Would you say these numbers are around the correct ballpark?? Or do HK Vuittons charge more?? If I buy the both of them here, it would run me about $156.00 additional in taxes.

    I was told by 866-Vuitton that the only difference would be the currecy conversion and there would be no increase, but I've been told by others that there IS a difference! Please help!!
    Thank you!! :flowers:
  2. Hi Kookielf,

    I just replied to your PM but just wanted to add on that there are no sales tax in HK :graucho:
  3. Yea I was wondering the same do they convert exactly or do they add more?
  4. im from the philippines and the price difference of a speedy 30 here compared to a 30 in HK is about 7000pesos, roughly USD137. so i think it is a bit cheaper in HK
  5. you save the tax or so...
    hong kong just had a price increase about a month ago...
    before it was even cheaper!
    speedy 25 was 4450 hkd which is about 574 usd...
    now its 4650 which is about 600 usd... which is still good!!
  6. I'm just hoping to save on the taxes, it's ok if the pricing is that same or a few dollars extra :yes: . I called Vuitton again, and the SA again said the same as the previous SA, that it should be based on the currency conversion. :idea: Maybe I'll phone a HK Vuitton and ask for the pricing.. this would save me from going bonkers!! :nuts:

    I'll let you guys know what I find out when I do call them! :flowers:
  7. I just came back from Hong Kong. Yes, Hong Kong is cheaper, you are basically saving from the no tax in Hong Kong. You won't save on currency becuase Hong Kong Dollar have been tied to US dollar to 7.75. so currency won't save anything. But, if you do plan to go to HK just get it there. Us canadians would be scared becuase of high taxation going back to Canada ( we poor things only have 750 Cad limits on what we spend). I heard US got couple of thosands.. is that correct?
  8. Hi!! Thanks for the info.! I'm not sure how much we're allowed to spend though.. I thought it was a thousand as well.. but that's another thing I'm worried/curious about:sweatdrop: . Do I HAVE to declare EVERYTHING I buy?? I'm only plannng on 2 (at most 3) purchases from Vuitton, and I was planning on doing something nutty like shipping the Vuitton boxes back to the states via postal service, just so I don't have to pay additional taxes:graucho: ! Yes, very shady, I know.. but *sigh* I just don't want to pay additional fees.:s
  9. u dunt have to declare everything! especialli if you are 'using it'
    u can jes argue that u brought it back with you... just dont bring any other expensive things back to hong kong with you so you can shop and buy expensive things wen u get there and just say that you had it from before :P
  10. LoL.. I'm doing what most people I know do.. bring back 2 empty suitcases and buy everything there!! :roflmfao: Although I'm not quite sure if I'm buying all my clothes there.. that last time I had gone to HK (about 3 yrs ago) I found that the pricing on the clothes is just about the same as in the U.S. My gf's said that I had gone into the wrong stores for shopping!! :roflmfao: But I found that if I purchased clothes that were really cheap (in pricing) they tended to pill more easily. :s
  11. thats true! i usually bring back empty suitcases too!
    maybe u should bring back 2 outfits in case :smile: but its good ur going in october! its not gonna be burning hot! i'm so jealous! :smile:
  12. Hmmm, this was not my experience at all last year in the Philippines and HK. Things were actually higher,maybe that was because I was pricing different things.

    I know I looked at the shirley, here 810, at HK it was over 900, I remember doing the math with my calculator, thinking even saving on tax, it's more. The same with the manhattan GM,because I had just bought it before I left.

    Be careful with customs, if you get caught the fines are outrageous! Wasn't there a famous soccer played just fined for a bag, it was like 5 times the amount for the bag...sorry don't remember the details.
  13. shirley's price NOW here in manila, philippines is almost $950usd.:yucky: . elux and Lv in taiwan is wayyyyy cheaper:shame:
  14. Oh I'm definately going to bring a few shirts and 2 pairs of jeans.. I can't risk not finding anything to wear!! :P The last time I had gone in the beginning of Oct, and it was about 85-90 degrees.. so I figured this time would be cooler. Of course, the tickets aren't as cheap. :Push:

    Hmm.. Maybe I SHOULD call the HK Vuitton? :shrugs:
  15. Calling them directly in HK would probably be the best bet cuz then at least you'd know for sure.

    I know last time I went HK for LV was more expensive then how much it would cost to buy (papillon and the twin were the only two styles I checked) LV in Canada after tax. So Canadian price including 15% tax at the time was still cheaper than the HK no tax price. So I think it differs model to model so you should do a price check on the bags you're interested in.

    As for bringing it back in the states and trying to not declare it because it's "used", you probably have to be careful with doing that with LV b/c of the patina.. it's pretty obvious how old/used the bag is! Unless you're looking into buying something without vachetta!