overseas hermes purchase, do u keep the box?

  1. now i have another problem....

    Should I take the birkin 35 box with my luggage ? ( which will be a bit hard since the size is huge) or ship it by mail? or just leave it?

    do u usually keep the box when u purchase a birkin or hermes bag from overseas?
  2. It depends on whether you have the room, if you ever plan to resell the bag, and if you plan to declare it or carry it through as your own, preexisting bag (in which case you definitely need to leave the box behind). I would favor leaving the box behind given its size, and unless I planned on reselling it, would not bother shipping the box.
  3. i lugged mine back as handcarry, with the huge orange paperbag (2 infact)

    saw afew other ladies doing the same...

    unless your luggage can fit the box - you can actually pack your clothings inside the empty box. :biggrin:
  4. as i am only interested into what is inside the box :p i never ever kept one(actually not only H everyother brand too) i see no need for them besides rotting somewhere and taking up space. but that is me and i can see why some love/use them.
  5. I put the box in the suitcase and fill it with clothes. Then the Birkin goes in my handcarry luggage.
  6. awesome tip! will probably do this next time i do get something overseas. but if it's within the states, i just have the whole bag/box ship to my home address.
  7. What kind of suitcase do you have that fits a birkin box??!!
  8. Last time I bought a Birkin overseas, I put the box in my suitcase and carried the bag as my main luggage. I didn't want to risk getting taxed at customs coming back home. My suitcase is a Samsonite 4 wheeler, can't remember what it's called. It fits but I leave the section divider unzipped.
  9. Within Asia or going to Asia, I typically bring the box inside my luggage (a globetrotter) stuffed with clothes and it should fit a birkin box. However, when I have to travel between the US and Asia/Europe, I ditch the box. No space for the box as there are so much stuff to buy and bring back! heh!
  10. DH had Hermes bubble wrapped the box and he actually checked in the darn thing. It came out fine. No damage whatsoever.
  11. if you can do it, bring the box in the luggage.
    Or, if you are still near the H store, make arrangments for them to ship the box (in a box!!) People do it all the time with watches - wear the item and the box gets shipped.

    Good luck! But don't stress over keeping the box, keep it simple.
  12. I would have everything, box and bag, shipped home. Just too much hastle.
  13. Carried everything (bag, box, carrier bag) onto the plane, no problems.
  14. If you want to have the box when you get home, you can ship it easily.
    I do keep the boxes. I don't plan to ever sell my bags, but who knows what my kids might do some day! Actually I like to have them neatly stacked and labelled. I keep infrequently used bags in the original boxes. At the moment I don't mind the boxes because I still have enough room for them in my closet. I can imagine that if they don't fit it would be a bit of a pain to have so many empty boxes.
  15. NO, I don't unless it's for small things.