Overrated movies

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  1. I thought this would be a fun topic. Certain movies are hyped up and sometimes arn't that great. Here is my list. What is on yours?

    1. Citizen Kane. I'm sorry but I've tried to watch this movie like 6 times and I either A) Fall asleep B) Get bored and turn it off.

    2. Chicago. By far the worst movie I've ever seen. How did this movie end up with so many Oscars?

    3. Lost in Translation. This movie had no plot. I hated it.
  2. The Blair Witch project Movie !! all that anticipation and popcorn for nothing !
  3. Titanic.
  4. Definitely.
  5. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Everyone talks about how amazing it is, but if you ask me, it's just weird and boring.

    Agree re: Chicago. Horrible.
  6. :0 Lost in Translation was FABulous!

    I agree that Titanic was overrated, and so was "The Ring." That movie was not all that scary.... and I'm VERY easily scared. :smile:
  7. I know moat people won't agree, but I found the HP movies to be overrated...
  8. The Lord of the Rings 3. It seemed to go on forever. I stood up at least twice only to have the screen flash on again to another scene. And I just thought Frodo was the biggest dumbass in the world. :wacko:
  9. I AGREE!!!

    The ring, the grudge..all of those japanese remakes. Same story in all of them...an angry spirit that has been done wrong. Blah.
  10. War of the Worlds was a bust!
  11. Brokeback Mountain.

    If you want to see a good Gay Flick...check out TORCH SONG TRILOGY. (Matthew Broderick)

  12. 40 year old virgin! teenage boy entertainment.
    constant gardner. ho hum
    last HP movie. fell asleep
    wedding crashers. see 40 year old virgin.
  13. Chicago! I saw a part of it on t.v. & thought it was ridiculous!
  14. Titanic
    Breaking the Waves (ugh, it made us so seasick with all the handheld camera work we both got headaches and had to leave the theater about 30 minutes into the movie).

    Personally, I find most big blockbuster movies to be pretty overrated. I prefer smaller, quieter movies that are about characters rather than car chases and explosions.
  15. \

    :nuts: What the Ring !!! I slept with a night light for weeks !!!! I was so scared !:nuts: :nuts: