Overprotective parent ....

  1. Okay, I've never ever baby my bags, but maybe because this one is very expensive (to me it is.. ).

    I want to use the best care i can to protect it from stains/scratches.
    My work bag is ink, so it's a dark colour.

    I used lubriderm on it this afternoon and it's VERY nice!! Smoothed out the marble-ly thing and it's really really soft (so is my hand.. hehe)

    Now, I read about apple guarde.

    1. Do i need the conditioner if I already have some other leather conditioner? or Lubriderm ?

    2. Should I get the water and stain protectant or is there another protectant that I should get?

    3. How often do I treat my bag?

    I'll post pic tomorrow when my dh is not home. He does not know of my baby yet. :wlae:

  2. I like the apple lotion to condition the bag if it starts to feel dry again, but the applegarde protectant spray will stain-proof it. I'd spray the ink, esp the handles, just in case... who knows how the color will age? best to give it a fighting chance
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