Overprocessed poofy hair... what to do?

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  1. I had a perm, then straightened it myself. It's a poofball when it dries no matter how much conditioner and leave in stuff I use. I tried getting it cut to get rid of some poof, but still no go. What can I do? My hair is usually stick straight and I thought I hated that, but ew this is worse. I have a straightener, but I don't want to kill it even more... help? Is there some miracle product I don't know about? haha.
  2. Hmm, I think no matter what, it'll take a while before all the effects of your new routine will take hold and revamp your hair after damage. I've been through this myself, and I totally understand how much of a nightmare it is! What I would do is to go buy the deepest conditioner out there. This is my routine: after shampooing (use a moisturizing one if possible), leave the conditioner on for as long as you can while you shower. In serious damage cases, I've wrapped a hot towel around my hair after conditioning or put on a shower cap to trap in the heat; I think heat really helps the conditioner soak in. Then, as the very last step to your shower, rinse out the conditioner in the coldest water you can possibly withstand. You can even not rinse it completely clean, so that your hair will be sleeker (since you have a poofing problem). Then, I always air dry my hair, but to speed up the process, I brush my hair in front of a fan until it's 75% dry, and then I leave it to air dry. I guess the key is to have everything be totally natural, no heat damage to the hair, no blow dryers, deep conditioning, and after a few weeks, things should look up :smile: It worked for me, at least..
  3. Thanks :biggrin: I've been avoiding heat, excessive condtioner... man, it's been a few weeks already :sad:
  4. Shampoo with a clarifying shampoo to remove all traces of dirt/oil/styling products (i recommend bumble and bumble sunday shampoo)
    Shampoo with a moisturising shampoo (bumbleandbumble gentle shampoo or kerastase bain satin-orange coloured)
    Condition. (bumble and bumble super rich works wonders or kerastase orange coloured conditioner is fab too)
    Use a hair masque regularly (every 3 days or so. i like kerastase nutritive hair masques-orange coloured. and i also use the kerastase age recharge and mirror hair masques too.)
  5. Ok, a stylist told me this, and I believe her. She actually did it to my hair. Have you heard of Biosilk
    Silk Therapy? It is really good for your hair and makes it very smooth and silky. If you put this into you hair(and I do mean QUITE a lot) and then use a flat iron on it, it will basically "cook" the silk therapy into your hair and smooth it. Do not be alarmed, as the product will actually smoke. (again, I have had this done by a professional and done it myself, and my hair is just fine) Obviously, this is like ironing, you do not want to leave the flat iron in one place for long, just enough to set the product to work, while smoothing your hair. I promise, it may seem messy or greasy at first, but if you get the hang of it, your hair will end up soft and smooth, like model's hair. You could probably do the same thing with a curling iron, as well, if you want to have curls. The great thing is that this creates a barrier and conditions your hair while it is styled. Then if you can go a few days between washes, it will help keep your hair in the best condition it can be in.
  6. Condition with a damage repair conditioner and sit in the sauna (if possible) for 10 minutes. It will do wonders.
  7. Bio Silk Therapy is the sh*t!! :yes:
  8. don't use a hairdryer, Let it dry on its own.
    Use shampoo for over processed hair and a deep conditioner. ( try using a leave in conditioner as well) When rinsing out your conditioner in the shower use cool water so that your cuticle will close with some conditioner in it.
    Perhaps its time to start wearing your hair up until you can out grow the dryness.

    Good luck!

    How did your hair look when you left the salon after getting it cut? did she use a flat iron on it ?
  9. Another thing you can try is John Frieda Satin Shine. It is cheap and you can get it a CVS, so if it doesn't work you aren't out a lot of money.

    My hair is naturally very frizzy and poofy and this stuff works better than anything other than having a professionally done blow-out.

    I actually like it better than the Bio-Silk because it is more creamy and less greasy looking.
  10. I recommend Joico K-pak! It worked wonders for my damaged and chemically treated hair
  11. Another good quick-fix-it is Sebastian Potion 9.

    My personal suggestion is cut it into a pixie and then re-grow it but without perms and straightening irons (eek!)
  12. my hair is frazzled too.. i think stay away from any electical appliances for the hair.. and jsut let it be natrual.. but olive oil in it once a week as a treatment.. keep getting it trimmed.. and keep a conditinong mask on it.. thats all you can do for now while it grows out