Overpriced Black oval,- my HG

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  1. Hi Ladies-- So I have been looking for a black oval on and off for about a year now, at the moment I have started a search and request to get in touch with bal taipei, which is not that easy as neither of the SA speaks english and I dont speak mandarin) Anyways, Today a black oval actually pops up on my danish online trade site: trendsales.dk, but unfortuanlly it is way overpriced,- the starting bid and BIN price is almost a 1000dollars. I would probably go ahead and buy it rigth away eventhough the price is so high BUT the purse isent even is good condition but as the seller states "clearly has been worn" eventhough it looks so pretty:love:. What do I do? It is my all time HG but it goes against my conviction to pay (alot) more than retaile for a very pre-loved bag... You would'nt do it..... would you?? :shrugs::shame::wtf:

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  2. I feel your dilemma! It's hard to tell from the pic because it's small, but what signs of wear does the bag have? Condition is so subjective that you'll want to be 100% sure about what you'll be getting. As you know ovals are hard to come by, it's not like other styles that regularly come up for sale so if the condition is OK for you I say go for it!

    OT: I was just in Denmark (Copenhagen)! And I saw the lovely Bals at Holly Golightly!!
  3. I would wait! It's the condition that is turning me off. Would you be happy using it and is the price is justified for a "clearly worn" bag.
    Perhaps Balenciaga will even re-issue it again like the besace? who knows? Good luck with your decision.
  4. I would pass
  5. I saw on trendsales that the purse has been sold! Were you the lucky buyer? I'm sorry you had a hard time, I know how awful it feels tossing and turning over an accessory of some sort.
  6. i paid over retail for my ink oval (preowned, but in good condition). ovals are rare. i can't tell you how many times i reach for mine.
  7. Ladies, thanks for your sweet responses. I DID NOT get the clutch. However, the seller was nice and really honest and told me, before I bid the BIN, that the "handle" were very worn and also the hardwear were really "worn" as well. The bag looks sooo pretty though and now I am kinda regretting not getting it:crybaby:
    BUT I fell like my oval luck will soon turn :graucho: (it MUST) and I will just keep on searching. Bal Taipei is my next move:shame:
  8. How funny! Did you like copenhagen? And year, isent holly g a nice little store(stores)? They have the best selection and are soooo sweet, but unfortunately the prices on b-bags are really high compared to the states.
  9. Thanks for your compassion!
    -AND so nice to meet a fellow dane in here!! :yahoo:
  10. Hmmm.... if you can wait it out, I'm sure one would surface. My HG just surfaced but was too much more than I am willing to pay so I'm going to sit it out.
  11. Then lets sit out together:P I wish to luck though, getting your HG!