Overnight weekender bag suggestions, help!

  1. What do you suggest for a weekend bag that is not quite as large as a rolling carry on? I am considering the Beatrice by Hayden Harnett but not sure if it is quite large enough?
  2. The Belen Enchandia Take me Away bag looks gorgeous and just what you are looking for--and it's 35% off right now!
  3. Have you considered an LV Keepall? Mine is wonderful!
  4. Which size do you have? the 50? 55?
  5. I have the 45, but am planning on getting the Damier 50 in a week or two.

    The 45 is really okay for me, but in the winter when clothes are bulkier and take up more space, I find I need something a little larger. So instead of waiting until the last minute, I'm going to go ahead and get it this summer.

    There is some size limitation for airline travel with the Keepall, but I can't remember the details. Lots of discussions have come up about this on the LV subforum, if you're interested.:smile:
  6. Thank you, I will be sure to check it out.
  7. thanks for this thread! i was just about to post a new thread looking for good weekender bags....
  8. You are very welcome. I would love to hear anyone else's suggestions. Keep the recommendations coming:yes:
  9. Call me simple, but I love Prada's nylon duffel. I saw one for an amazing price on Overstock.com.
  10. On a quest for the perfect weekend bag, I've recently purchased 2 different weekenders. I've already used them both for weekend trips, so here are the pros and cons.
    The first is the Retrodelic Ellie Weekender in sea green:
    It's a lovely, sturdy bag (and it was on sale), and the color is very eye-catching. The downside is that it gets very heavy when loaded with clothing and a couple pairs of shoes.

    I also bought the Hayden-Harnett Maldives Weekender in Smoke Blue: http://haydenharnett.com/?userid=4133234196811181935887&action=search&search=maldives+
    (I bought it from Luna Boston, which has free shipping, instead of directly from HH). This one is already my favorite - it seems to hold more than the Retrodelic, plus it's very light weight and has a longer shoulder strap (although the straps on both bags easily fit on your shoulder).

    I'm not a light packer, so I found that neither bag was quite perfect for a weekend - both bags seemed to hold 1 - 2 days' worth of summer clothing, 2 pairs of shoes, a cosmetic bag and a travel hair dryer, but I had to carry my running shoes separately. Again, the HH seemed to hold more - it is better for a 2 day trip, while the Retrodelic seems better for an overnighter - plus the HH is much lighter even when fully packed.
  11. I absolutely adore my Not Rational Fab/Hansel bag!
    Nice and roomy, flattering shape, and the leather is absolutely tdf! :yes: I use it as a large day bag and for travel...Its the perfect travel/weekender bag imho!
  12. I think that Le Sportsac is totally cool and reverse chic. And their low price leaves you money for....other handbags!
  13. There are new Anna Corinna weekenders at Shop Bop. Also, Megs posted about a Marc by Marc Jacobs pleated bag that looks huge, like it could be a weekender. The Botkier Sasha Duffle was advertised by JC Madison (who no longer seems to have them) as a weekender.