Overly intrusive "CS"

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  1. I just wanted to complain about my visit to Lululemon yesterday.

    A little background - I used to work designer at both Bloomingdales and the flagship Marshall Field's (when it was owned by Dayton's), so I know what this SA was doing, but it was really annoying.

    I bought a pair of running shorts online that looked pretty ridiculous on me. So I brought it back to a local store. This woman (she actually looked like a manager) was busy checking out a fellow employee. She just went on and on with him while I stood there, unacknowledged. Finally she looked at me and said, "Thank you for being patient" -- in a parental way, like an order, less like a SA.

    I finally get up to the counter and see that she is dressed in at least five layers of Lulu - to the point where she might be boiling. OK, fine. I tell her I have a return, and she says, "OK, do you want me to hold this for you while you look around?" No, I said. She then huffs and puffs and rolls her eyes when she sees it's an online receipt. (I've done this many times, you just scan the barcode and you're pretty much done). After being oppressed in this way, she checks me out and says, "Can I put this on a gift card for you?"

    At this point I'm really annoyed. This is $58, or so, I want my money. I understand that corporate probably has a lot to say about how you should engage a customer, but this just came off like a battery of HOW DARE YOU WANT YOUR MONEY BACK FOR A(N UGLY) PRODUCT??!

    I said, "No, I'm good." And left the second she handed me the receipt back.

    There are so many ways to nicely ask if there's anything they'd like to exchange the item for without sounding like a corporate zombie and someone railroading you into spending money. Believe me, I spend TONS at Lulu but I probably won't be going into that store.
  2. If you check the Lululemon thread, you'll see that customer service has gone down overall. I'm an occasional shopper of the brand, but I've been reading about a few issues of people who know more about the brand than me.
    - Stores that won't answer phone calls at all (people would like to call to see if a particular item in a particular size is available before driving there).
    - Quality control going way down. Apparently certain colors will bleed?
    - Beloved items that are cheaping out. (like a triangle gusset on the wonder under pants that is very unflattering. The Scubas are now shorter and no longer have the form-fitting gusset at the sides.)
  3. I hate that feeling as well, as if you should feel guilty about returning something!
  4. I hate that. You have a great brand. Why ruin it by cheaping out!?!

    Yes, the really bright colors are pretty, but I won't buy them because they run. Ridiculous.
  5. This happens to me all the time at almost every store, lol. It's annoying. I'd rather return the item and THEN look around the store (if I want to).