Overlooked - the browns for fall

  1. Browns seem to have been overlooked this season, but the recent posts from other members is making me think the morgano and sienna are both unsual browns that I should maybe get too. I already have a a vert fonce/dark olive :heart: which I though looked like dark brown. But those rich golden browns are both really nice!
    Actually considering a sienna city RH now, any comments on versatility? I think the morgano is too similar to my VF although she looks great on everyone.

    Should I get one now or wait for Fall 2008? Surely there will be a new brown then?
  2. I'm really regretting not buying a Vert Fonce Day. What i really like about the Fall '07 Browns, and Steel, is that every photo i've seen of them the leather on the bag is incredibly beautiful, who knows what 2008 leather will be like?
  3. I agree that this fall has some amazing browns! I have VF too, but I am really tempted by sienna - I had it in a twiggy and it was amazing - I don't know why I let it go, just part of my bag merry-go-round. Sienna is such a classic light red-brown - go for it! There have also been some great posts on mogano (sunny07s in gorgeous!), but you're right, it might not be different enough from the VF.
  4. Being a brown lover, I say you could have one of each in your collection. Each color is very different from one another and goes with different items in your wardrobe. I have VF and Choc. 05 (which is somewhat similar to mogano) and I wear them with totally different outfits where the other color would not fit the bill. Same goes for Sienna. The leather this season has been outstanding so I say go for it now. You never know what lies ahead.
  5. I too am tempted by sienna (and rouille). I would love to see it in person.
  6. You guys never say no, I guess you are the wrong people to ask. I'm going to have a better look at the sienna instore and compare it with my VF. I agree with this season's leather, my VF is soft and thick.
  7. thanks alisonanna!! :heart:

    waterdaisy- yup, you are in the company of enablers. I think the vert fonce is gorgeous! I had been debating b/w VF and mogano, but I really love the red tones of the mogano. To me, the VF and mogano would seem pretty different, but they are both dark bags. The sienna would def. be different from your VF. And some of the ones posted here have had amazzzzing leather. I'd def check it out in person, though,because the Barneys in my area had a few siennas and the leather was thin, very veiny and crackly, and dry looking. :push: Good luck!!
  8. i'm not a brown lover, but i have to say, i love sienna and mogano. I love mogano more than sienna but this is also cause i'm considering it matching with my closet. If i were you i'd choose sienna, because i think too that mogano is similar to your VF
  9. i beg to differ. they're too different from each other! i might say that VF and Mogano and Sienna tend towards warmish tones but they're def v different from each other.
  10. I have a vert fonce coin purse that I adore!!:heart: I would really love a vert fonce day or a mogano day. The leather on them is so squishy and fabulous :love:

    The enabler says get one of each ;)
  11. I am tempted to buy a sienna step.
  12. i agree with everyone on the fact if you love it get it now before it is too late.. no one knows what the 2008 leather will be like! HTH
  13. hi daisy,
    i wasn't looking or expecting to buy another brown until i saw oogie's mogano sgh bag. it is simply beautiful, more so in person. i already have a choc 05 & swore off buying any other brown bal bag but the mogano is stunning irl and a totally different color than my choc. it surprisingly matched with all the same clothes that my plomb did, and although it is a reddish brown, i think the silver hardware helped "cool" the bag down and make it more versatile. goodluck:smile:
  14. I'm an enabler too, I think VF and mogana are pretty different. I really love mogano, go for it!
  15. [​IMG][/IMG]I LOVE my Sienna City! Here are a couple of pics! I just had to have some sort of brown and when I sw this IRL I grabbed it- total classic!
    browncityoutside.JPG siennacloseup.JPG