Overloaded With Brown Koobas! Help!

  1. Hi guys. I'm in need of some advice. I'm trying to figure out if I need a bazillion brown bags - and some are really redundant.....Right now I have a BROWN KOOBA RENEE, KOOBA MARCELLE TOFFEE, KOOBA MARCELLE DESERT AND A FIORE WHIPFLASH AUDRA IN BRONZE. Are these all different enough to keep around? Am I duplicating myself? Any thoughts would be most appreciated!!!
  2. I am a Brown Bag Lover. I have numerous Brown Bags. So lately I added a few more shades. A Black Kooba, and a blue Besso...LOL I used to stress about it but there is a reason for all my brown bags....I LIKE brown. I am drawn to it. I had a Kooba in Teak and sold it just so I could get the same bag in Brown. My newest Kooba coming is in Bourbon (which I consider Brown) and my IF bags are brown. So I just accept it and go on.
  3. Wow, that's a lot of brown!
  4. I'm a huge brown bag lover too. I wouldn't fret too much about it!
    Lately I've noticed that the ratio of brown bags to my black ones is about 5 to 1. I'm good with that - but I noticed that I HAVE been buying more brown boots too! :lol:
  5. i so want a whipflash... i just couldnt justify it with my new coach legacy....

    i think your bags are all a bit similar. but gorgeous choices!
  6. I have lots of LV in Monogram, Damier, Monogram Mini Khaki TST - all brown tones... I just bought a Kooba Sienna in Espresso - more brown!

    Brown is FAB!
  7. The deal is ... there are many shades of brown, and only one shade of black. I have loads of bags in browns: tan, oak, chestnut, nude, light, natural, dark...

    And several in good old black.

    Don't see a problem here ... ;)
  8. ITA. I live for black bags and brown bags. And, with brown, there are many variations as fryedaze pointed out. So, keep on collecting!! :wlae: . I myself have mostly chocolate brown with my brown bags but I love all those yummy shades out there.
  9. Just because of this thread, I switched at the last minute to a Black Jillian. I decided I had too many brown bags although "Bourbon" is a different brown, it's still brown. I'll post a pic when I get it.
  10. why don't you take picture of all your brown bags in line...
    there, you can see which one is too close with which one etc
  11. Wonderful! Yes - I will do that! I might have a problem with pics though. I can't seem to attach a picture to my post like you would say, emailing someone...I think I'll have to research around this site to see how to do that. I decided to part with my desert Marcelle - it was brand new with tags - and just looking at the "stainage" factor was too much for my mind to comprehend. My brown toffee Marcelle is much more user-friendly. Loving THAT so much, I don't know when to switch into my IF Audra or Kooba Renee! Ah -choices...:rolleyes: . I will post ASAP!!
  12. Hmmm.....sorry about the stock photos but it's working....:confused1:Okay, I know it looks like the Marcelle Champagne and IF Bronze are pretty similiar but they're kinda not. Hard to explain. The one on the left is the Kooba Renee. Am I being redudant? I also have the Kooba Marcelle in Moss, Ivory and Black. I'm hoping to expand and get an IF Fiore in Black and in White. Thoughts appreciated...:angel:
    renee moc.jpg KoobaMarcelleChampagne.jpg bagisabellafioreaudrabrown.jpg FioreBronzeAudra.jpg KoobaMarcelleToffee.jpg
  13. IMHO, this looks like a "bag family"...LOL....they all look VERY similar in style to me, so I guess I see your point about the colors. I am guessing this is your FAVORITE style, though, so if you like em, who cares?! Obviously, you like the style enough/it works for you enough that you found it practical to buy 5 bags like it!
  14. I know...I know....:crybaby: And to think I have the Marcelle in Moss, Ivory and Black too. Ya think I like the style?:graucho:
  15. i'm also into this 1 bag in different colours, many balenciaga addicts are worse than you :P
    we can't seem to get enough of the bag.
    but i myself not into the almost same style with almost same colour.