Overheard on the escalator...

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  1. I work retail, and after I was off, I made a quick trip to the mall (where the parking lot gods smiled on me). I was dressed casually, jeans, Old Navy Polo, fleece jacket, tennis shoes, I was using my Denim Baggy PM and these two younger girls (I'm 33, maybe in their mid to late 20's) were talking about "I could never spend $1000 on a purse." "OMG, that is a mortgage payment!" And I turned around and said, "I'm worth it. Merry Christmas." :supacool:
  2. Thats nice....
  3. lol! You said that??? Right on! You rock.

  4. LOL at least they thought it was real!!! :P :yahoo:
  5. I probably would have said the same thing when I was in my mid-twenties, but now I say hey, if you can afford it, why not? I like your response, though, that was great!
  6. Yeah!!!! :yahoo:

    I *haaaate* it when people talk about you when you're within earshot! How rude! Great comeback though! :rochard:
  7. Nice LOL
  8. YOU SO ARE WORTH IT!! And definitely kudos for you for saying something back!! :yes:
  9. Great comeback! Wow, props to you for being able to think on your feet like that...
  10. That's awesome! I wish I could think of something clever like that when someone talks about my bag.
  11. Nice! I may steal your comeback someday.;) Way to go!
  12. Ha! Great response - I'm using it next time. :smile:
  13. Lol.
    The one problem I have is when people say things when you're within earshot. Why do that?
    Anyway, good response :yes:
  14. LOL i used to be those girls... I'd walk by the LV store right next to the Coach store and mutter to my husband something about the "ugly" Louis vuitton monogram pattern and how they were all overpriced and i'd NEVER want one. I'm certainly eating my words now!
  15. Lol at your reply :lol: