Overheard in a boutique today...

  1. I was in a clothing boutique today and there were two women totally monopolizing the only sales person...so I was looking around the store and, since it is small, I could hear their conversation. As it turns out, they were shopping for an outfit for someone who had recently died to be buried in. That on its own is pretty morbid (and why not bury her in her own clothes?), but what came next was even worse. After looking at some jewelry and selecting a necklace, they asked the sales person if they could use the necklace on the "body" for the funeral then bring it back to the store and get their money back! Then one of the ladies said she wanted to have them "take off the shirt afterward" so she could have it! :wtf: Anyway, I was mortified...would you want to buy something that had been used on a dead person at her funeral? Pretty gross. I had to share this with you all because no one else would believe it! Even I can't believe she had the audacity to ASK!
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  4. It's official. I have now heard everything. Yuck.
  5. Not an issue for my next of kin when I go. My will specifies I'm to be cremated buck nekkid! I figure I came in the world that way, may as well go out that way and have my clothes donated to charity!!

    Yes, I'm weird! :nuts:
  6. OMG:wtf: :wtf: :wtf: I've heard some horror stories about returned goods but this one takes the cake!
  7. seriously??? those women gotta be insane to even ask that. :Push:
  8. :wtf::Push:
  9. That's a terrible time. Burying a loved one. If the person doesn't have clothes that are appropriate to be buried in, you have to go buy new stuff. However returning it is out of the question.
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  11. Omg!!!!
  12. WOW. That is just a shame.
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    suddenly i'm very glad that it's traditional for us to have closed caskets! well i prefer that anyway but :wtf:
  14. Holy s:censor: .
  15. That is sooo nasty. Those are the tackiest women ever! If they are that cheap why dont they just let her wear her own clothes. That poor women.