Overhead conversations... doh!

  1. I get my midterm back today and uhhhh, yeah, my T.A. is definitely holding a grudge against me after she overheard a conversation I had in the hallway about how the graduate program for our department (which she's in) at our school isn't very good. Crappers.

    Editted to add context:

    Other student: "Is the graduate program here for This Subject good?"
    Me: "No, it's not very good, and not competitive."

    Ever gotten yourself in trouble when somebody's overhead you?
  2. Why do you think she is upset? I'm confused. :shame:
  3. I don't think anyone likes to hear that the graduate program they're in is "not good/competitive."

    I'm sorry if her feelings got hurt because she overheard me say this, but it's not untrue! Ah well, lesson learned. LOOK AROUND before speaking! LOL
  4. ^^^No, I mean, did she tell you she was hurt? Or look at you weird?
  5. i highly doubt it that your grades were due to that conversation. look within yourself and try to improve by finals time.

    btw, what happened to that guy that went to the mountain?? did he ever come back?
  6. She was walking by and gave me an eye-brows up look like, "I heard that."

    Or else she just randomly decided to take off points for no good reason on my midterm. Oh well, no worries, my professor is re-grading!
  7. I would never have suspected it either until I compared my test to my friends' tests! Even my professor noted that her grading seemed unfair.

    Yes, he did come back from the mountain! Everything's unfolding to who knows what, but it is. I'm being wary, though, like you girls told me to! Thank you for remembering, ITbag!
  8. Oh, you believe you got a lower grade due to the converstation. :shame: I feel dumb. Maybe you should ask what you did "wrong" or what "mistakes" you made? If she's just being weird about it or refuses to speak of it, maybe you should speak to your dean?
  9. haha, no, no, it's no problem, my professor is taking care of it.

    I don't know 100% that it's due to overhearing that comment I made, it could just be that she graded a batch harder than another. It's impossible to be absolutely consistant in grading, especially when you have 100 tests to grade!

    My GUILTY CONSCIENCE is just making me jump to conclusions, probably!
  10. ^^^Awwww. I hope your grade goes up. I don't think you should feel bad. It's not like you were trying to be mean or hurtful. You just tried to help someone else and accidently hurt someone's feelings.
  11. I really hope that she didn't try to take it out on you like that. That is awful! It's a good thing that you went straight to your prof for regrade. I know that when I grade, by the time I get to the 50th test or whatever, my grading has definitely slipped. I once gave a guy a 2.90 instead of the 3.50 because I added the points wrong. It didn't even occur to me that his grade was wrong because he had done so poorly all the way through. Hopefully, that's what it was. Otherwise, that speaks volumes about her!

    Good luck! I also want to hear about the mountains guy.
  12. Grading 100 exams is a challenge, and it is hard to stay consistent. Hope your prof irons it out.

    I actually experienced the exact opposite situation that you did, IntlSet! I was frustrated with a student who was making appointments with me EVERY day and just couldn't seem to do anything on his own... not even write a sentence. One day in my office I expressed frustration about it and it SO HAPPENED that this student had stopped by at that moment for extra help (it wasn't my office hours, he just showed up)! He heard what I said and left without telling me, then brought it up right before class the next day, leading me to burst into tears and cancel class! It was my first semester teaching, so I was SO sensitive to everything, especially such a huge faux pas. I'm very very careful about what I say about students and faculty alike now and almost never voice frustration in public. You just never know who's listening!
  13. Ouch that sucks.. that always happens to me too with people overhearing whenever I say something not nice about them! So now I just look around all ways before I even say anything :lol: And TAs are insane.. when I took Chemistry they graded our papers SO hard... we'd submit them for a re-grade w/ the professor and get like 10-15 pts back! It was totally ridiculous!
  14. Oh no, vanojr!! Eeeeek! I can understand how it would be SO ANNOYING for a kid to pester you constantly. I bet he thought it would be helping his grade if he was like constantly under your nose. How did he bring it up? Was he mean about it?

    Yes, I MUST LEARN FROM YOU! One can't voice one's opinion too loudly, especially in an academic setting.

    I admit, however, the TA's are the biggest gossips of all! I'm surprised more of them don't get into trouble for it in my department! lol But who can blame them, they have more of an inside scoop!
  15. Hey IntlSet, he wasn't mean about it at all, he was actually a sweetheart of a student, he just took the advice "get to know your TAs" VERY seriously. We resolved it and were on good terms soon thereafter, and now I have enough experience to handle a situation like that more proactively.

    But YES, TAs are huge gossips, you think we'd have better ways to spend our time! But when I was an undergrad I used to gossip about my profs, so I guess it all works out :lol: