overfeeding my son?> should i put him on solids?

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  1. hi guys.. im asking this here as i want real mums advice rather than the GP

    ok my son is almost 4months old and he is in the 95th percentile for his height and weight which gives him perfect BMI so hes not over weight..

    however he eats like a little piggy

    in a typical day this is what happens

    wakes up 630am
    eats 645- 240 ML
    eats 10- 180 ML
    slept 11
    woke 1
    ate 130- 180ML
    ate 3-60
    slept 330
    woke 5
    ate 530 ( bit of farleys and milk)
    ate 630 240
    slept at 7

    then he sleeps thru

    but last night he woke up again at 11 and drank 180 (he was up for one hour then started crying which is when i tried the bottle) hes not a crier or a fussy baby so im not giving him the milk to shut him up or anything..

    what do you guys suggest ( i started farlyers with fromula about 3 days ago but he only takes about 4 baby spoons )

    he weighs about 7.5 kg ( last time i weighed him was at 3months and one week and hes 67cm tall if that helps
  2. To be honest, it sounds like he is being overfed, what did your Ped say? He might be in the best position to know. Our ped told me that you can start solids at 4 months but world organizations put it at 6 months because they consider third world nations with lack of hygiene and 6 months is safer if the kids were to eat slightly contaminated food. But in any case, your ped should be the one who could advice you on what you should be doing regarding his food..
  3. my ped said its ok cuz he sleeps almost 12hrs at night and doesnt sleep too long durin the day so he needs it for energy\

    but i wanted mum advice as i dont know if hes right
  4. My theory is that babies let you know when they have eaten too much. My DS was a huge 3 month old (he weighs 1 more lb now than he did at 4 months because according to the dr, he "leveled out". Some kids go through a growth spurt. When DS is done eating, he plays with his food/bottle etc. If he fusses and cries, I know he is hungry. I think it is okay as long as you make sure you aren't misinterpreting his sleepiness, wanting to be held, not feeling well etc for hunger.
  5. I don't really have a clue how much you're feeding him, since I haven't looked up the conversions, but I can tell you that we started DS on Gerber Stage 1 foods and baby rice cereal right at 4 months. I would supplement with it - usually some of the apple flavored rice cereal in the morning (maybe an hour after his wake up bottle), and then 1/2 to a full container of pears or something in the evening during our dinner (it's important to us that DS sit down to dinner with us, and we figure it will be easier to get him started as an infant than to try to train him to sit thru dinner later!). Sometimes he also has 1/2 to a full container of veggies or fruit in the afternoon. Also, I have started adding two scoops of rice cereal to each of his bottles (when I do that, I cut back the formula a bit). The solids and the cereal in his bottles have helped us with the frequency of his feedings - he always wanted to eat every 2 hours during the day and every 3-4 at night. Now, he has a bottle every 3 hours during the day, and sleeps 12-13 hours at night (rarely he does wake up around 4-5am for a bottle, but goes right back to sleep after).
  6. I believe in feeding a baby until he's not hungry. Of course, food should not be used as a diversion or at the expense of other stimulation for baby, but most babies will not overeat. And solids are not necessary at 4 months. Indeed, most pedis recommend waiting until 6 months. And unless it is recommended by a dr., solids in a bottle are not usually a good idea because in that case you CAN overfeed a baby. Baby is used to taking in milk/formula, but with the added calories of cereal it can end up making baby overweight. It is also best to postpone solids due to the risks of food allergies.

    Taking solids is a milestone for a baby, and it should be started when a baby can sit up on his own. If he doesn't take solids, he probably isn't ready. When he is developmentally ready for solids, he will quickly become accustomed to runny solids from a spoon.

    Of course, this is just general. A parent always needs to do what they and their pedi feel is right for their particular child. But generally speaking, unless baby is displaying an interest in foods (watching carefully what adults eat or reaching for adult food) other than a bottle or unless a baby is 6 months old, there is no need to give solids. And most babies will self-regulate with breastfeeding or formula so they do not take more than they need. My babies were always quite chubby (breastfed, so I did not control the amount they ate, just the timing) and they thinned out rapidly when they began to crawl and walk. In most cases, a chubby baby is not a concern, IMO.
  7. thanks ot everyone that has replied...

    240 is abotu 11 oz and 180 is 8 i think something like that

    im just worried about him he seems to be always hungry.. we go for his hsots tomorrow so ill see what they say about his weight and if theres any update on anything.. thanks so much guys