Overeating = GROSS feeling

  1. So Vlad and I tend to eat pretty healthy (especially me). I am sure many of you read that I talk about eating well balanced meals and complex carbs and lots of veggies... Well this is when I should practice what I preach.

    Vlad and I designated Sunday as our day to splurge a little- eat not so great food. So we went out to a late lunch today to our favorite Mexican restaurant. We shared 3 baskets of chips and salsa and then I had chicken fajitas and he had a chicken and sausage dish. We had beans and rice with this. So the food itself was not awful choices, but they were pretty greasy. But we DEFINITELY overate. There was no need for 3 baskets of chips!!!! To make it all worse, we went to Starbucks right after and got grande drinks- which is also filling.

    We both feel sooo :yucky: and :sick: right now... We are laying down and it hurts.

    So tell me, which of you get this feeling too?!
  2. Yep! I have a loose theory that the cleaner and healthier you normally eat, the harder it is on your body when you eat, well, dirty. Drink lots of water and hopefully you will feel better soon...
  3. I get it too. I try and eat healthy six days a week and then I have one day where I can eat whatever I want and as much as I want, and although I know it will make me feel horrible at the end of the day, I always buy a lot of bad food and eats it. I never learn!
  4. I was just there last night-my hubby and I went out for my birthday and we started off well-I had a salad as my dinner, but then we had fondue for desert and drinks after. I haven't really eaten today because I am still not hungry,lol. And the kids want to go out today, which is my actual birthday, to make up for my husband being gone on a business trip.:throwup:
  5. I just about always eat healthy....make my lunch everyday and I'm very good about incorporating fresh fruit, greens and fiber into my meals....but I feel your pain. My son wanted pizza for lunch so I relented.....2.5 pieces of greasy pepperoni pizza later....YUCK!!!! I hit the gym a couple hours later, but now I know why I tend to eat healthy!!!
  6. I feel "overeaten" very easily, because I usually eat pretty small , but more meals... It's the worst feelingin the world and I always worry so much about gaining weight when having it. :p
  7. Irishgal, I totally agree. It is a lame analogy, but it is like I am an exotic performance car that can only function on the highest gas... and I just filled my body with the lowest end gas ever, even worse than unleaded. AWFUL.

    I know I am only human, but I am being hard on myself for this because I am hurting SOO bad!!! I think I need to take a bubble bath and drink lots of water
  8. ^^Not a lame analogy at all, very accurate, actually. If you have any Smart Water drink that. I like the way it helps to balance the sodium/potassium levels.
    Your poor pancreas...
  9. I get this feeling too when I eat too much, or if what I ate was too heavy. Awful feeling, I'll stick to healthy foods please.
  10. Oh MEGS!!! Mexican food is my all time fav....I hate it when its greasy though...my fav place is so fresh and yummy...(low grease factor) I do HATE that so full, sick feeling...its the worst..however I would eat 3 (OR 4) baskets and chips and salsa ANY day of the week...(and roll around it) and then eat tacos, and ask for nachos, and maybe some cheese dip...etc...etc...am I making you more sick?
  11. Would you roll over laughing if you knew that is EXACTLY what I drink all the time???? I am predictable... :p
  12. Umm.... I will not come visit you if you keep talking this way!!!!! :yucky: :push:
  13. :crybaby: :crybaby: :nuts: But it might be a Sunday and this feeling you have now will be but a distant memory!!!
  14. UGH Megs I know exactly how you are feeling right now. I usually try to eat healthy but just today neither of the kids were going to be home for a meal so I thought why bother cooking. Today I will be very bad & have a takeaway!! UGH! UGH! UGH! I had chicken, chips, peas & gravy (hurts even to type it) from local Chinese which I NEVER go to! Even before i finished the meal I felt ill & have been ever since! Not physically sick but yeuch! yeuch! yeuch! :yucky: Never again!! You have my sympathies!
  15. Happy birthday:flowers: