Overdying your HS.... How?

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  1. Dear Scarfies,
    I have a burning question to ask...
    I've got two scarves that I ruined a couple of years ago, experimenting with stain removal. :faint::sad::cry:
    I managed to replace them with new and perfect since then and just hid poor "handicaps" in the back of the closet, trying to forget my sin. :shucks:
    But I've never stopped thinking of what I can do to give them second life. And I think I'd love to over-dye them in something like indigo.... maybe?

    So my question is have you ever tried something like this, and if so, how exactly did you do that?

  2. I dyed silk before using dye purchased in fabric store $5.00 or so. Dye was for cotton and wool fabric, I figured both are organic fabrics so would work on silk - and it did. Prcedure involved boiling solution in the pot and lots of rinsing after...It was long time ago and I think maybe now you can find dye for silk.
    It is recommended to wash fabric and rinse it well right before submerging it into solution. There will be instruction on the dye.

    I never did it to a Hermes scarf so would recommend to buy silk scarf and pot from thrift store and practice. :smile:
  3. yes you can obvs over dye the silk. you do need to decide on the dyes and the method tho. and remember to wash you scarf properly before dyeing since any finish on the silk might prevent the dye going on evenly.

    If you want I can point you directions on the brands of dyes I personally used to dye my own silks and fabrics. also keep in mind to have it all set up will cost about 100$+ depending on the dyes and what range of colour.

    I too will try to over dye my scarves once they been well worn and some stains and colour loss happen during dry cleaning and just wear and tear.
  4. Great craft project! Did some dying and printing at art college way back and remember cleanliness was key to an even dye, remove all product reside first.

    Haven't tried this but it looks really neat. I'd test on something you don't care about first. If Waldorf school pupils can do this we can too.

  5. I've been tempted to do this as I have always thought the dip dye colours sludgy - would be interested to see how you do it and the result.
  6. I have never done this, but I know a woman who is fearless when it comes to H scarves. She over dyed some with Kool Aid...from the photos I saw, the finished product looked like an H dip-dye. I am not a huge fan of dip-dye, so I didn't really examine them carefully - I was trying not to faint at the idea of using Kool Aid on H!! Maybe you can buy a cheapie non-H somewhere and try it until you feel more comfortable...

    Do keep us posted, I'm curious about how this will turn out!
  7. Is the design still visible when it's done? I have a moussie with a wrong color for me (pale yellow) and have trouble selling it on ebay. Now I wonder how mousseline would react to dying?

  8. Yes, the design was still visible, but in the way that dipdyes are...kind of muted. I am not sure how a mousseline would react, I suspect that nice silk like H will take dye well - or should I say Kool Aid!! But I would definitely experiment on a non-H first...plus you need to give thought to the flavor/color you use as certain colors will combine to form another color and that type of thing. I'm afraid to wash my scarves, so it will be a long time before I really cut loose and play with dyes - or Kool Aid!!
  9. This Kool aid thing is really neat! I'll be too chicken to try it but may be I can experiment with one of my non-H scarves. I remembered reading a thread where this member (I think she lives in Europe) has a number of vintage scarves and she was dying them (not with K-aid I don't think). Great idea to be able to salvage scarves.
  10. I always thought stains show up even more when dyed. That was certainly my experience when dying (never with H-silk though) even things that didn't look like they were marked at all suddenly showed up. I've always used Dylon (or tea :yes: )

    Like someone else said, it works better if you prefer muted colours (which will also allow the design to still show through) you will also presumably get that washed-silk feeling as you'll bruise the fibres of the silk, so the silk will softly glow rather than the normal sheen.