Overdue Pics: Vintage find and a Woodbury purchase (^_^)

  1. ** please pardon the resolution of the pics as i used my phone to take them :shame:

    Here's a vintage chanel that i found last month, ive NO clue what its called but i checked the authenticity sticker inside and it seems to made back in the 80s. There are some stains on it and i dont know how to go about getting it cleaned though. Any information about this bag would be much appreciated, for the meantime, im loving it!




    Also, here's a pic of pink CC earrings that i found from my trip to the Woodbury Outlet in NY, i had my heart set on finding a flap but found nothing of that sort but i couldnt resist coming home empty handed!


    Thanks for letting me share! ;):p;)
  2. Wow congrats on your loot!

    I've seen before & after pics of bags brought back to life by lovinmybags.com. They do amazing work!
  3. Thanks!!! i saw ur pic on the action thread, i just LOVE your flap! :love:
  4. Wow....Great finds u have!!

    Lovely collection....Congrats~~
  5. Stunning vintage bag- congrats!
  6. The black patent, wallet on chain, or white jumbo? LOL. Anyways, thank you!!! I absolutely LOVE Chanel flaps. It's weird cause I used to find them so old lady ish and then something just clicked inside me and now I can't get enough!

    I wish I could check out Woodbury Commons, but I'd have to fly out all the way over there since they don't do charge sends. :push:
  7. congrats! gorgeous earrings and vintage find.
  8. Nice finds, congrats!
  9. The black patent definitely!! i have yet to see the others but im sure theyre gorgeous too! Same thing with me i used to find them a little old but its grown on me a lot, im sure ill go nuts with it once i actually get my own! :graucho:

    Woodbury was a lot of fun! Seeing so much upscale brands at an outlet mall was so cool although it was an all day war against all the other shoppers hahaha!:boxing:
    You shouldve seen them lugging around HUGE (empty) suitcases to put their stuff in powerwalking all over the place! It was pretty hardcore and smart!
    I hope you get to come out and see it for yourself one day, you HAVE to make time for it in any case you make a trip to NY. :okay:
  10. Thanks everyone!! I wish i knew what it was called, i'll probably repost on the authenticity thread or something of that sort. :amuse:
  11. I love your bag, the color is so pretty. The earrings are also stunning, congrats.
  12. wow, i love the vintage bag...
    very classy :yes:
  13. Great finds, truly. You can send the bag to Chanel and they will work magic on it. You'll be amazed at the transformation. Tell me do whatever it needs whether it's just a cleaning or redying. From the pic it doesn't look like it's been through the "ringer." Congrats and thanks for sharing!!!
  14. Love the color, very different, Congrats on that great find!!
  15. congrats!!