Overdue pics of my updated collection for my 500th post

  1. So here is my updated :heart:collection:heart: with the addition of my new Legacy pieces courtesy of the outlets! A big Thank You to my husband who picked them up for me from the outlet and babysat them for two weeks before bringin' 'em home to mama!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]

  4. Great collection! The legacy pieces are awesome! And your peony tote is so pretty!
  5. Thank you! I'm lovin' the legacy!!:yahoo:I've owned the whiskey hippie since the spring and love it. I'm so happy I was able to add to the family!
    I'm still deciding on the peony tote. It's very pretty and the first signature bag that I've bought. But I just don't see myself using it. Right now I'm just keeping it since I found out that they are sold out and unavailable. I don't want to regret giving it up when it's irreplaceable.
  6. WOW... that is a lot of (whiskey ?).

    Nice collection.
  7. ^^
    yep, i'm a fan of the whiskey:shame: maybe it's a bit much but I love the style of the bags and I love the depth of the whiskey. Ideally there would be a piece of legacy in natural and white and brown too.
  8. wow there is some whiskey lovin' goin' on in there!!! :upsidedown:
  9. there's nothing like a fine whiskey:drinks:to lift your spirits;)
  10. Gorgeous! It makes me miss my whiskey Ali that's been packed up for the last two months :sad:
  11. Great collection!!!!!!
  12. super yummy!!!!! everything looks great!!! :tup::love:
  13. Somebody likes her Whiskey!!!

    Can't say that I blame you, it's one of my favorite colors that Coach has come out with!

    What is that hot pink bag? is it an alligator bag of some sort? I likey!
  14. I ADORE your collection!!
  15. I too am I whiskey addict. It's amazing how many compliments I get on the color. Plus the silhouettes are so classic.

    Great collection!!