Overdue, I know... Ink Purse, Johnson'd

  1. I know these pictures are long overdue, but my camera was at a friend's house...

    I proudly present...

    ;) my first ever Balenciaga bag,
    :love: my most beloved treasure,
    ;) the incredibly light and soft Ink Purse!!!

    I got this from Bal Paris. The leather had no white marbling but was quite wrinkled. As I could not find Lubriderm here in Belgium, I bought Johnson's Softlotion lightcare and treated my bag twice. I love the effect: it has removed part of the iridescent glaze on the bag and evened out the lines. I hope the bag will get even more matte with time.

    :heart: :love: I love my baby!!!:heart: :love: As you can see, I almost carry her as a pet, under the arm. The color is a very dark navy, showing a hint of purple undertone in the sunlight. I'll post more pics in the other relevant sections. :amuse:

    PS I hope pictures display properly, I have never done this before.
    Mai Juin 06 086.jpg Mai Juin 06 085.jpg Mai Juin 06 083.jpg Mai Juin 06 082.jpg Mai Juin 06 081.jpg Mai Juin 06 079.jpg Mai Juin 06 075.jpg
  2. Gorgeous! Don't you just love the color! I've had mine for a few months now and still can't stop staring at it! Congrats!
  3. OMG!!! It's beautiful! The leather looks so smooshy soft! Looks fabulous on you! Enjoy! :smile:
  4. congratulations, betises_lau! you will always remember your first b-bag :biggrin:
    the ink is a great color and you did a great job with the photos too! :yes:
  5. so pretty. what a great color -- so much more blue than purple! love the leather. love the watermark too!
  6. LOVE IT! Congratulations. It looks great on you.:flowers:
    Enjoy your new baby!
  7. Love your bag!! The watermark is great too!
  8. Yesss.... my ink city was my first too!!!! Don't you just love the color? It's magical! I love wearing it with green too, it brings out the subtle purpleish undertones on the ink :love: And your purse looks great on you!!! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!!!
  9. I love the ink with your green dress:heart:
  10. Beautiful color! So rich!
  11. It's gorgeous Betises! Love it! :heart: :heart:
    I have been conditioning my ink and using it more regularly, and the leather on the back side (which looked quite distressed when I first got it) seems to be evening out. I'm positive yours will turn out the same way, too. :flowers:
  12. That look great!!! Congratulations! When I do take the plunge, it will be a Purse..
  13. It's so pretty betises_lau! Congrats on your 1st B bag.. and welcome to an unstoppable addiction *lol*

    I love how the colour's so different under various lighting. It' looks great on you!
  14. Congrats! It's a beautiful bag!
  15. thats a beautiful ink! its got such great leather after you condition it!!! :love: