Overcharged? Over-reacting?

  1. I won an item for $10. When I asked for shipping rates, I was quoted $16.50 for ground and higher rates for priority & overnight. I recevied an invoice for priority shipping and asked her to adjust it for ground shipping and she did.

    I received the item and noticed the postage was $6.46 but I had paid $16.50. I sent her an email to let her know that I had received the item and mentioned the postage rate and asked if I was over charged. Here is the response I got:

    Hi there i am responding to your question about the shipping cost. The total amount i gave you was for shipping and handeling. there are expenses involved in shipping items. also there are expenses for supplies to ship item's. I have to put gas in my car to drive to the post office where the item's are shippied from. Plus i spend 10 to 20 mins waiting in line at the post office. all in all there is a charge for handeling. The pair of pants which you won for 10 dollars. cost 160.00 min. and the pair that you won were brand new. i do'nt see why this is a issue. I hope that you like the capries, and if i can be of any other help to you please contact me. thank you

    In all my correspondence with her she has been very nice. I do understand that there are handling fees & costs associated, but $10? Is this reasonable or am I over reacting? :confused1: I can't help but feel ripped off. I have not posted feedback for her and not really sure what to post (because she is nice).

    Just wanted to get some thoughts/opinions out there....
  2. She told you S/H up front, don't like it don't bid. Pretty simple. And yes, people make their S/H higher than the actual cost because like she said it covers all those extra costs involved in shipping. I don't think it's excessive personally, I know people pad their S/H a bit to cover eBay fees and I'm Ok with it as long as it is reasonable. I know I have a choice where I buy things and I know I'm still getting a good deal over retail. :yes:
  3. I agree with her, it does take time to go to the P.O., wait in line, gas is so expensive etc. I wouldn't be upset at all.
  4. I agree also - I usually don't charge that much extra - but I always charge more than the actual postage (unless mistake) & I deserve to. I make my husb get brand new boxes from work. I also have bubble wrap, shipping tape etc that wasn't free. It is also a big hassle for me to get to the PO and there is always a line.

    Also - eBay doesn't take any part of your shipping fee do they? I think some sellers try to recoup a little bit there with higher shipping.
  5. WE do try to recoup some fees thru shipping because eBay doesn't take fees on that. I just add the cost of the item and shipping together-if that is fair I don't worry about which part is cost/ship-if too much I don't bid
  6. I have to agree that if you knew before you bid then you can't really be mad. . . but yes, that IS excessive!!!

    It's actually called fee circumventing and eBay doesn't allow it.

    A littel handling fee is completely reasonable, but all of us Sellers know it takes time to ship, she needs to work that into her auction price, not shipping fees IMO.
  7. Thanks for your thoughts.

    Funny though - she listed $9.50 for shipping and handling for this item, if it was shipped in US. So if you work in her $10 handling fee, well you do the math....

    I do alot of buying on eBay (never sold anything) and in all of my transactions I've never been charged this much over. Its usually within $2 -$5 and I'm ok with that. Guess I need to be more specific and ask for shipping AND handling fees.
  8. I'm not a seller, but doesn't the seller have the right to charge whatever she wants for shipping and handling?

    I buy from ebay often and always request shipping and handling fees in advance so that I am not surprised by the invoice that I receive.
  9. I have pretty much learned to just suck it up when sellers ship to me in Canada...I get a little po'ed when they way overcharge but I hate to discourage sellers from shipping to Canada as I know it's extra work for them..
  10. Basically you got a brand new pair of jeans for 20 bucks. Still a pretty good deal if you ask me. Sellers can put whatever they want for shipping and handling. I don't agree with blowing up the shipping cost instead of the actual price, But that is why you can ask questions before bidding. I am going to try a little devils advocate here... does Wal-Mart reimburse us for gas when we go there to shop?
  11. I would leave her the positive feedback but where it come to the secondary star feedback leave her a low rating on the postage section.
  12. Hey if anyone feels like driving out to my location to pick up their item in person it'd save me a hassle & of course would waive all shipping costs:smile:

    You drive to Walmart as the buyer - they don't come to you, and when they do ship usually there is a charge as well unless there is a promotion.
  13. ahhhh!!! very good!

  14. kbell, sorry to be off topic, but what is that gorgeous bag in your avatar? (looks tdf)
  15. Hi temo - that's my Be & D Mena satchel that I'm utterly in love with.
    Glad you like it!!