Overbleached hair-conditioners????

  1. My relative has totally destroyed her hair. It is below shoulder length dark brown and she keeps getting it foil highlighted to the point it is yellow white blond. The ends are literally disappearing--breakage? She actually thinks she looks HOT.....and even though her stylist suggests lowlights she goes blonder. So I wanted to buy her some good conditioner that may in some way help her hair. I personally think she needs a really good short blunt cut--but she will never do that. She loves to try new products but since I have short healthy hair I am not sure what the best ones are for people who fry their hair this way? Any products that might help?????? I thought of a heat cap but she is too lazy to use one.....
  2. I have pretty heavily highlighted hair, and have tried lots of expensive and cheap condtioners...my current favorite is DIRT cheap-it's hydra silk (Sunsilk) TLC-it's a hot pink jar, $3 or so-supposed to be a deep conditioner but works well every day.
  3. when i was frying my hair like that the only thing that worked was davine's nou nou hair pak for every day and ojon deep oil treatment once or twice a week. it still didn't help the disappearing ends after a while though....eventually you have to choose short hair or bleach. i chose short, then gave up the bleach but still use the products. the davine's conditioner is amazing.
  4. She should really switch to Bumble and Bumble's "Treatment" line and use the Dehydration or Damage products. The conditioning balm is absolutely amazing. She also needs to stop with the bleach and give her hair a break.....I know, I've been there. Now that I have been getting lowlites and hilites my hair has done a complete turnaround. The B & B Treatment line is pricey, but it will SAVE her hair IMO.
  5. Ojon treatment will help her out. Someone had previously posted about an overnight repair treatment, but I forget the name.
  6. Either Redken's Extreme Anti-Snap or[FONT=arial,sans-serif][SIZE=-1]Alterna Hemp Repair Weekly Treatment in a yellow squeeze tube.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. I use Bumble & Bumble products and am very happy with them. I will have to see what they have for very damaged hair.
    I just read the other thread in TPF-and my relative uses Pantene products no so maybe they are doing some damage along with the bleach.
  8. isn't it true you can never "repair" hair damage? the only fix is to cut off the damage.
  9. Cannot live without Ojon for my very blonde hair. I buy that stuff in BULK from QVC!!
  10. Lush Retread
  11. I think eveyones hair is different texture so at the end of the day your relative will have to find what works for her.I have pretty dry hair & tried Ojon & hated it but others here like it so it really just depends on her hair. Cutting it is the only thing that will truly repair it
  12. I know that some people don't like Ojon, but I absolutely love it for my hair...and I have a huge problem with breakage on my ends.

    I use the Ojon Deep Treatment like, once a week? What I do is I put a big ol glop on my ends and then slowly work it up to my roots. However, I don't recommend putting a lot on the roots because it can make it a tad greasy.

    Then, I put it up in a really tight french braid and go to sleep. It looks so gross and disgusting in the morning (we're talking, I haven't taken a shower in a week...) but it works WONDERS.

    I really like the Ojon Taweka shampoo/conditioner, as well. It is super moisturizing.

    Also, I recently bought the Nexxus Emergencee...and that works really great as well. That's a reconstructor, though, so you can't use it that often. And it is SUPER important to use a really good conditioner afterwards, or it will make your hair feel strawy...

    But it does a really wonderful job.
  13. i have baby blonde almost platinum hair & i swear by nano works :tup:
  14. One thing I wonder about is that she puts conditioner on her hair and sleeps with it on. I think she is using Pantene conditioner-the regular one you just put on after you shampoo. So I think of how conditioner will dry on your hair and just feel like a glob of junk on you hair. Maybe this is adding to her problem. What makes me laugh is she will spend any amount of money on makeup, purses, clothes but wants to buy the cheap stuff to wash and condition her hair.