Overall opinions on Moni Moni Splendor

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  1. I bought this bag on a whim in Caramel. It should be here tomorrow maybe. I am just wondering what the overal opinion is. I read old threads where quality was questioned. I understand it is a grungy sort of bag. I just wonder if it is too grunge for me?
    Anyone have one? I'd like to hear the Pros and Cons of this bag.

    I am sooo OC about bag buying and this time might have been the OC-iest of them all...LOL
  2. where did you buy it from Lexie? The only place I've ever seen them is ADASA and the Moni Moni website, and both of those are on back-order.
  3. I have a friend who bought one when they were in stock. She never opened it up or used it and decided she needed to sell off alot of her bags so she offered it to me for a reasonable price so I took it.

    It's actually a rather big bag. I really should research better before I jump on thngs.
  4. Did you ever see the pic of Paris Hilton w/her Moni? It looks HUGE (must be completely stuffed!)

    If you decide to sell it let me know - I've been DYING for one of those bags!!!!
  5. Love that bag!!! The more I see it, the more I want it.
  6. --I love this bag! It is somewhat unstructured, and very soft, and feels like I have used it forever. I bought a Caramel pre-owned, so it had darkened quite a bit, I don't know if treating a new one right away with conditioner and water repellant would help keep it looking new. I do worry about this naked looking leather getting rained on.

    I like the style so much I bought it in Black, Plum, and Cream (a little darker than the Vanilla that Paris is pictured with). I just saw a green (can't remember the color name) on ADASA and LOVE it. But I need to cool it with buying any more.

    Since the Caramel is already used-looking, I took a chance and applied Lovinmybags Pro-Treatmant, and then I sprayed the bag with a spray to waterproof leather. Didn't seem to change the color any more. I dribbled water on it and it beaded right up.

    Now I have to get the courage to try this on the Cream bag. Maybe someone else here has tried it on a light Moni Moni?

    The Splendor is right now, the only M M style I like, but I REALLY like it.

    If you like really structured bags, maybe this isn't for you.
  7. I have a caramel splendor. It is very unstructured and soft, I used it all last winter (the shoulder strap came in handy while Christmas shopping). The pic w/Paris above makes the bag look like a suitcase--it is not that big (she must be very dinky or something was going on with that bag). Or maybe that is a new bigger model. I found that mine didn't get marks from the snow & rain, it is a v. vintage looking bag. It is resting for the summer now, I love colors for the summer.
  8. Thanks for your info guys. I was wondering if I should spray it with Wilsons Leather & suede protector or not. And I hoped it didn't look like the bag Paris was carrying. That is stuffed! Maybe it was her "going to jail" bag. A girl needs her accessories!
  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  10. Ooh, Lexie I almost didn't open this thread. The white Splendor that Paris has looks much better than the pic I found on the internet... In the Paris pic, it doesn't look grungy at all, so maybe you won't have to wear it with your Pearl Jam T-Shirt. LOL...

    I can't wait to see your pics!
  11. i just spotted a white one at annsfabulousfinds on sale for 327.25
  12. EEEEEEK!!! Tell me...what was I thinking????

    If Nirvana was still around maybe I could use this bag while at their concerts. But I wonder if even Courtney Love has a bag like this? And Paris??? What was she thinking? Maybe they ironed her bag first...LOL

    Oh well....At least I can always get rid of it... or I would be drowning in a sea of unwanted impulse buying bags.




  13. Gee whiz, that bag looks like my Grandma in her underpants.

    Not good.

    Sigh...live and learn.
  14. Well you saved me - thanx. I've been scouring the net looking for a great deal on one of these raisins (no, bigger: figs?) I hope you can bail out and thanks for posting!! Now, it's back to searching for Gerard Darel 24!
  15. I am praying someone out there wants one. I don't get why they are such huge craved bags? Because of Lindsay?