overall, do you prefer damier or mono canvas?


damier vs. mono canvas

  1. damier

  2. mono canvas

  3. neither

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  1. for some reaosn i'm really finding myself drawn to the damier lately, i've been buying all my accessories in damier, do you generally prefer damier over mono canvas?
  2. I like the damier look, but prefer the softness of mono. I find damier to be a bit stiff.
  3. I'm definitely a mono girl! Im just in LOVE with my sea of mono! I don't own any other LV except for the rubis and groom but that still has mono on it lol!
  4. I have lots of mono, but recently am turning into a Damier convert since my Damier speedy and damier alma. I think Damier is very classy and I'm also looking at Damier accessories now. While I still really love my mono pieces, they're just so heavily faked, it's turning me off a little. I really love my Mono Speedy 30, but when I was a the mall this weekend, I must have seen 20 real ones and another 20 fakes. I was so happy to have my Damier alma!
  5. Definitely a mono lover here!!!
  6. I prefer damier over the mono - but... my favourite is the epi leather!
  7. Mono
  8. I am loving damier more these days. I am definitely turned off by all the fake mono.
  9. love my damier speedies!
  10. I like the monogram pattern more, but I prefer it in variations like vernis or seasonal goods. In the plain classic ones I prefer damier.
  11. I love Damier, don't know why but some of the LVs being upside down on the mono puts me off.
  12. Mono, but recently purchased 2 damier to diversify my collection
  13. I love damier espcl the speedies... but mono is always my favorite line..
  14. i never really had a thing for damier until i got my sophie!!! i :heart: it in damier. I don't have to worry about vachetta on the messenger strap. i know it will last forever. i still love mono alot!
  15. Mono!