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  1. I just had to post my excitement...someone just phoned my work and I spoke to him and it turned out it was Jesse Metcalfe...you know the gardener in desperate housewives??? Im so exited right now, I can't concentrate on work or anything now!!:heart:
  2. wow -- he is sooo cute!! We never get random interesting calls like that here in Pa. Must be awesome to live in LA:smile:
  3. I know... and the ironic thing is... I thought he was a fraudelent customer so i was a total ***** to him at first... soon changed when i realised though,,
  4. Hahaha that is awesome!! Will he be stopping by work anytime soon?? :graucho:
  5. I wish.... wouldn't that be great. He was actually buying a present for his mum... quite sweet
  6. a handbag I may add.....
  7. Wow! Nothing col like that has ever happened to me! lol
  8. *gasp* I love him.
  9. He is SO HOT, it's crazy! Cool story!
  10. I work for a handbag company so we do often get famous people ordering online, but not normally HOT famous people. Has anyone else actually met anyone famous? Since living in LA I have seen Tom & Katie and various nobodies from real world etc but that's it.
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