Over the Shoulder

  1. I want to buy a new bag, preferrably one with handles that can go over the shoulder, since I am a Mom and am getting tired of having my Speedy hanging on my wrist while holding my kids' hands. Can anyone recommend a good bag (other than the cabas piano) ?
  2. I would get the Neverful GM
  3. what about a lockit horizontal? or the new tivoli gm?
  4. neverfull or BH
  5. I love shoulder bags too. I can only carry the Speedy babie for a short while, otherwise my arm gets tire after a while. I love my Cerises bucket and the Neverfull MM. The Neverfull GM size is really huge to me:yes:
  6. Bh !!
  7. How bout the TREVI PM? Works as a handheld and shoulder bag, and also has an extra long strap that can be attached to work as a body bag. Pretty versatile and since its damier, you wont have to worry about getting it dirty.
  8. I'm a mommy too and I'm wanting to check out the Tivoli.

    I would also consider BH, Trevi, and if you don't need as much room, the PH looks nice too!

    I personally would be hestitant with an LH because of the rolled handles -- but it is a GORGEOUS bag!! I would LOVE to own one just for the looks of it alone. I'm not a huge fan, personally, of the Neverfulls, but if you need to fit lots of stuff in there -- I would take a look at those too -- and perhaps a full-size Noe.
  9. With kids, I'd go for the Lockit horizontal - I love the shape and that it zips, so when you're bending over, stuff won't fly out (as has happened to me many a time!)
  10. How about the popincourt haut ... it's cute!
  11. saleya would be a good one for both.
  12. Neverfull MM
    BH is awesome... I'm totally enjoying mine.
    Popincourt haut
    saleya in damier PM or MM
    denim cabby in blk mm :smile: can be sured handheld or shoulder.
  13. Maybe a petite noe? it has one strap so it's less likely to fall of your shoulder.
  14. i would say BV or BH ... i own neither, but i am considering one or the other or a damier piece after the holidays! also i'm not a mom, but i totally feel your comments about handheld bags. love them, but sometimes you want a shoulder bag!
  15. the new palermo?