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Apr 4, 2014
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Just a bit of a background story:

I have been buying from Louis Vuitton since December of 2011 whether in-store (physically), online, or over the phone (phone charge). I am aware that in order to qualify for phone purchase services, I need to have bought within the past year from Louis Vuitton.

Yesterday, I managed to get a hold of one NeoNoe from the Lenox Square LV boutique in Atlanta (I'm in Northern California). Both the two 1800 customer care agents and the staff who assisted me in Atlanta asked me just one question: Did I order within the past year from LV? The answer is a resounding yes so now the bag is on its way to me (yay!).

This morning, however, when I thought of taking my chances for another phone order, this time at the store "closest" to me (Union Square SF), I was taken aback when they told me that since my billing address on file was different from what I was giving them (we have moved since my last phone order with Union Square), I would be given a pass today but next time, I would have to go to a store, myself, to change the billing address on file for "fraud protection".

Am I the only one who thinks this is ridiculous? I mean, what's the point of phone orders especially with hard-to-find items that can only be ordered out-of-state if this is really the case? Are they saying that had the boutique in Lenox Square Atlanta followed proper procedure, before I could order over the phone with them, I should have gone to the nearest LV to me first and change my billing address? Sounds counterintuitive and counterproductive to me.

Why do changes made to the billing address in their database matter when they don't keep credit card info on file in the first place? I get that the billing and shipping addresses need to match but haven't they considered customers who have had changes in addresses and/or changes in financial info, e.g. credit card # change, billing address change.

Anyone else experienced this?
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Apr 13, 2015
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I've encountered 2 issues with the whole billing and yearly purchase deal. The first time was 2 years ago where I tried to order an Alma on the phone, I had previously bought a speedy in store Maybe 6 months prior but because I had a name change on my card and billing address I was ineligible for the phone purchase. I ended up having to drive 1.5 hours (with crappy traffic) to my nearest store. The most recent time was last week when I tried to get a Neonoe too! My most recent purchase was over a year ago under my name but my husband purchased my epi nf in hawaii last year. They wanted my husband to call and place the order. Yeah.. try to tell that to someone who is in meetings all day. I gave up and am on a waiting list:sad:


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Oct 28, 2016
That might be an LV policy as a company, but for my clients they haven't faced any issues when ordering from a leased boutoque in a department store. Try there next. Of that helps