Over the moon - my HG '05 red is here w/ *pics*!! :)

  1. Hi everyone! :smile: I'm sooo excited over my new baby, you have no idea haha. I've always thought about this bag as the one that got away, and have been searching for it for two years and counting (eBay, etc.)... but now the search is over, thanks to the best pfer ever!!! :happydance::wlae: This is definitely my HG red and has been since the day I saw it (even though I really love my '07 red Jumbo, before seeing pictures of it here, I'd actually hoped the color would be more like the '05 hehe)! :smile: So let's cut the bs and get to the main event haha, here is my HG 2005 red East West!!!!! :yahoo: I've taken some crappy pics... enjoy (well, try)! :heart:
  2. Ooh that's great, congratulations! This bag is my HG too! Can't wait for the pics!
  3. Sounds divine but...where are the pics?? :confused1:
  4. Pic of my '05 red baby taken without flash (isn't the color so beautiful)?! :love:


    Pic taken without flash - red hot against the black chair! :drool:


    "Modeling" aka threw on whatever clothing I had around to show off my red baby! :p


    Another "modeling" pic! :smile:


    Red overload!! :roflmfao:


    Comparison pic of my HG '05 red E/W with my '07 red Jumbo. :heart:


    Thanks so much for letting me share! :smile:
  5. Help me out. HG = Holy Grail??

    Huge congrats!!!!!
  6. Gorgeous red!!! I am fainting now!!! I love red too!!!!

    Congratulations fieryfashionist!
  7. danae - Ohh, let me know what you think, since it's your HG too! :smile:

    alouette - Just posted them! ;)

    whistlerchic - You got it! Thanks!! :smile: It's definitely my holy grail red Chanel!! :heart:

    ppsam - Aww thanks!! :heart:
  8. congrats on your holy grail!!!!:yahoo:
  9. Holy sh*t FF - you have the most gorgeous Chanel collection!!! LOVE this!!!! :heart: :heart:

    Congrats on finally finding your HG!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo:
  10. :drool::drool::drool::drool: Wow!!!!!!
  11. Wow congrats minal!! It must be such a wonderful feeling of elation to have finally attained your HG!
    Is your 05Red more like hot pinkish? It looks hot pink, perhaps a pic in natural daylight would show its natural beauty..
    Lovely lovely bag! :heart:

    Minal... i think it's about time you put out a family group shot!!!! You have so many Chanel babies! ;)
  12. OMG Minal! :nuts: The 05 red is my favorite!!! :heart::heart: I passed up the chance to buy one in 05 and have been kicking myself since. The 07 red is gorgeous, but the 05 is my HG red as well! Congrats on this insanely beautiful bag! As usual, you look amazing!
  13. That is one beautiful bag, congrats!
  14. OH. MY. G-D. That may be the most beautiful bag I have ever seen. I have never sen this red (i really had no idea there was a difference) but now I am forever changed. How in the world did you find it?? Congrats, I'm super excited for you....and teeny bit jealous. :winkiss:
  15. :drool: GAWD that red is RED HOT! soooo gorgeous! CONGRATS on finding your HG bag :yahoo: