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  1. OVER STUFFER ~ everything & the kitchen sink!

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  1. The lipglosses are minis! I never use an entire one up anyway. The minis are the ones that come in kits. And I have that little Delish palette with the mirror on the outside of the case, perfect. I have a capacity wristlet with additional makeup and brushes, I'm toting more than normal because I'm in travel mode right now.

    I went to lunch with some girlfriends a while back, we had a Girly Shopping Day... anyway, we had an impromptu Who's Packing the Most Lippies contest and my friend Robyn had 32 (count 'em THIRTY TWO) full size Buxom lipglosses in a bag in her purse. It wasn't Coach but it was impressive!
  2. I have tried to down size and i was always "oh i wish i had this, i wish i had that" so I ended up with a tote and a small crossbody which I put in my tote until I need it. I leave my tote in my car with all my stuff and then my necessities in a small crossbody. For me the best of both worlds. I even have to have my water in a thermos so it's always cold. That way when I am out at least I'm happy :biggrin: Lol
  3. My beloved SIL is the worst overstuffer ever. She bought her first Coach a couple years ago. On my advice (kicked myself ever since!) I talked her into a very lady-like and classic MFF sig satchel. (I knew she'd prefer the C's...) At any rate, she had that poor bag stuffed she could never zip it, plus she lugged a gawdawful printed tote bag (I'll not name names because I know some folks do like the brand.)

    For her birthday last summer I got her a very large see-thru plastic beach tote that was at the outlets - she can stuff that puppy to the top and be happy and she has at least got enough cwap out of her purse to zip it up properly.

    I gave her two bags before I finished packing for Oz and made her swear she'd never overstuff them. I love her dearly but she can't continue committing bag abuse! ;)
  4. I am an over stuffer:p! I was at the dentist a few weeks ago and the hygenist was admiring my walnut madison hippie (we always talk purses). She asked if she could pick it up, and the first thing she said was "wow, this bag is heavy!"
  5. The Over Stuffer group is winning 32/29 ....... so close!
  6. My DS is hard on her bags as well...almost that you feel sorry for the bag in her possession!!! She over stuffs it and uses the bags pretty hard. I gave her a black sophia last month and thank goodness that thing is durable b/c she stuffed it silly and it still looks brand new!
  7. This is why I love tpf. I'm going to try everything you just posted:
    a. small bag with essentials in big bag
    b. leave big bag in car when not needed instead of lugging it around
    c. water in the thermos to keep it cold ~ I cannot stand warm water, ick!

    Thanks for the suggestions.
  8. Im an "over stuffer"!!! Actually, I go back and forth. I have a lippie fetish as well,lol. So its nice to see, Im not alone in either. I like to be prepared, I know its an excuse, but I have a small first aid kit (its really small).
    I also have one of those Emergency girl kits, with all kinds of goodies. Its in a small silver/pink hello kitty zip pouch. I have my mac cosmetic bag, 2 or 3 packs of gum, not 1 is the same flavor, papers, highlighter and pen, date book, hello kitty oil blotters, post it note lined pad, and more.
    I do keep my bag organized and clean!!! But even with all I have in my med audrey, she is still light :smile:
  9. My Bestie tells me I don't need mace, I could mortally wound someone with my super heavy purse. :roflmfao:

    You name it, it's in there.
  10. i find esp i nthe summer it is nice to lighten the load.

    i leave things liek a pair of glasses, girlie products, hairbrush, lotion etc in my desk at work so 5 days a wk i dont need to carry those w me.
  11. How don't know how you fit all that in and your bag is still light! Way to go! :smile:


    Very true! I attempt to lighten the load buy trying to carry my wristlet and clutches more in the summer......emphasis on the word "attempt". :graucho:
  12. I seen this post last night and read each and every response. I don't have many handbags, Lindsey Python n Kristin Goat, and of course lotza lil extras ;) But after reading these posts, I pulled everything out of my Lindsey and put it all on my table. Kinda looked at everything and realized more than 80 percent of what I carry I never even use. So all of my items that I use fit perfectly in my Kristin Wristlet, put a lil fob on it and waalaa, my bag did weigh over 8 lbs, now I'm at a lb. It actual looks more feminine rather than carrying a suitcase with me all the time, which is hurting my body. So, I'm gonna send my Lindsey to my Mom and return the Goat bag to Coach today, was saving the Goat for fall/winter. Thanks for this post, made my life soo much simpler ;)
  13. I weighed my bag this morning..8 pounds 2 ounces. I think I qualify :biggrin:
  14. Yay! I hope it works for you. I also have a large reusable Jo-Ann fabric tote (less than $3) that I leave my bag in so if someone happens to look in my car they just see that and not my bag or I put it in my trunk and it keeps my bag clean. I also tried several thermoses and the brand thermos are insulated, easy to use one handed for around $22 and they hold up well. Let me know if it works for you :smile:
  15. ha! Hubby's been weighing suitcases all weekend, I'm going to have him weigh my purse when I get home tonight!