Over sized Bag, check~Black Leggings, check~Huge Platform Heels, check: Who Am I ?

  1. [​IMG]:rolleyes:
  2. Uhm. Hohan?
  3. Mary-Kate?
  4. i cant see the Pic =( whats wrong?

  5. [​IMG]
  6. That bag is bigger than she is.
  7. I'm surprised the arms don't fall off these celebrities who carry these huge, heavy bags.
  8. Another Olson twin with ginormous bag...carrying her twin in it, LOL.
  9. Oh. You forgot "whore red lipstick" and "pale pasty face"
    I so would have gotten it then.

    (Note: there's nothing wrong with red lipstick. I'm just kidding okay!)
  10. I love this bag, it holds two gallons of vomit!
  11. :roflmfao::roflmfao: Your sooo mean:nuts:

    But Mary-Kate was my first guess, once you said leggings
  12. i much love the face + bag ..LOL im gonna be blind for the rest

    thanks prada's for re posting the pic:heart::kiss:
  13. love the bag
  14. LOL!
  15. lol, even louder...

    How is this bag not tipping her over