Over-protective Edith mom??

  1. Having family over for Easter dinner gave me a chance to show-n-tell Edith Whiskey (aka Chucky) and Edith Chamois (Leshammy!) to my mother. She loves handbags too although she has no idea how deep I'm in with these, soooo......

    Introduce Chucky - mom ooohs and awwwwws :biggrin: and she grabs Chucky's left side between her thumb and forefinger like she's pinching a grandbaby's cheek, and keeps stroking him with her thumb admiring the leather, and, well, it looked like she was really rubbing hard. "Um, Mom, you DID wash your hands after dinner, didn't you?" okay, try to chill, on to the next...

    Introduce Leshammy - mom goes :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: and she proceeds to run her hands ALL over the leather, and when debating each one's qualities keeps patting and rubbing Leshammy's wrinkles, over and over and over....:blink: and I'm thinking of Daisy's poll on Edith's keeping their shape and I just get so soooo tense... "Okay, Mom, DO NOT PAT THE SCRUMPLES!"

    followed quickly by "I think we're done here. Time for dessert!!" :smile:

    Perhaps I'm just over-protective, but I think I lost a few years last night too.

    Anyone else have over-protective tendencies with Edith, Paddy or your other babies recently?? :P
  2. Blugenie, I think you are going over the edge! That is TOO funny! Only one person even acknowledges my bags, and that is someone from the U who comes over and feels my bags and asks what they are. That has happened all of twice.

    Sounds like Chucky has a permanent home now...
  3. LOL:lol:!! Love your story! I could feel your anxiety!:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  4. My Mom and a friend had to paw my tan Paddington when I brought it to brunch one day. I was seriously annoyed, as the table was strewn with pancakes, syrup, eggs, coffee, juice, etc. I almost had a seizure visualizing it grazing through someone's breakfast plate as it was passed back and forth.
  5. Oh, this isn't about anyone touching my bag, but I seriously hate it when someone brushes up or bumps into me and my bag because they're not paying attention. I work in a facility where some people have zero skills: don't look where they're going, use stairwells and hallways as conference rooms and don't bother to move out of the way when they see you approaching, etc. The worst is when they're talking with their hands while holding a full cup of coffee and you're just waiting for it to go flying and hit your bag. Or when I put my bag down on the ladies room counter and a person of the no skills variety doesn't bother to use a paper towel to dry her hands, preferring to shake them out all over the bathroom floor and walls. I can go on, but I won't! :biggrin:
  6. :lol: :lol: roey I so knew you would have a similar tale!

    As far as public restrooms, they freak me out too. I haven't had to take an Edith in yet - but knowing it's entirely handheld I don't know HOW I'm gonna maneuver that one to avoid wet counters! Guess I'll have to hold it 'til I get home! :lol:
  7. Just slip the handles over your arm while you wash your hands...that's what I do! It is sometimes awkward, but it works.
  8. Blugenie - that was so funny!!!! I love it!
  9. LOL that's great! *puts crime tape on a perimeter around your Edith twins*
  10. too funny!
  11. Blugenie - I completely feel your pain. All I can say is been there - done that.:amuse:
  12. Bluegine... you are too funny!!! I bet your edith is loving for that right now. ;)