Over-priced shoe brands: in your opinion

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  1. I do not understand how Via Spiga and Charles David can be $150+. The quality and style to me is no better than Nine West. I will shell out Louboutins or Manolos, but I would never buy Via Spiga or Charles David.

    Which ones do you think are overrated and over-priced?
  2. Louboutins - I cannot understand paying $800+ for a simple black shoe. When the shoe is especially beautiful or unique, then I can understand, but I think the markup on the prives, etc. is just wayyy too high.
  3. ITA agree about charles david. i bought a pair online for a friend's wedding and they were SO uncomfortable!! you could see where it was glued together. i would rather buy nine west, which is 90% of the time comfortable.

    on the flip side, i think taryn rose and cole haan are definitely worth the money.
  4. Marc by Marc Jacobs. I REALLY love the styles every season but they're SO uncomfortable.
  5. I agree nor can I see me paying $400+ for a pair of shoes :shrugs:
  6. I bought a pair of Charles David sandals from Nordstrom last summer. They are really cute, but they kill my feet! Not to mention, the sole insert came unglued after the first few times I wore them. I did expect more from Charles David.
  7. I bought a pair of Charles David that i adore, but one of the straps broke the first time I wore it. I was able to get it fixed and I got the shoes for very cheap anyway, but I was still disappointed.
  8. I agree with heartnaspade. CLs, definitely. That being said, I think all designer brands are overpriced, pretty much. I mean, c'mon...$780 for platform Tribute sandals? I say this, and I bought two pairs. But I really just think all designers have been inflating their prices and realistically everyone should be charging two to three hundred dollars less/pair.
  9. A lot of Manolos are overpriced for me. I think a lot of his styles are plain and some are pretty matronly. I have a couple of pairs but they were purchased at a sample sale.
  10. I have some plain Charles David pumps (not Charles by Charles David) which are maybe 5 years old now. They have held up well for me.

    My last pairs of Stuart Weitzman's shoes, on the other hand, were totally disappointing.
  11. I only buy on sale because of the high designer prices. I got a pair of Manolos at NM last call for 49.00 and a pair of MBMJ wedges for $7.75. They had some Louboutins and Manolos for around $150 - $300 and that is about as much as a shoe should cost unless it has jewels, expensive materials (Python, etc).

    The marketing is what puzzles me. After a certain price point its to keep the exclusivity of the brand, which makes perfect sense. BUT - in my opinon having the regular styles, like a black pump at a $300 or so range, and the more exotics priced higher would snag buyers better. Sure you'd get people who would stick to basics, but they could still have the more exclusive styles and probably turn a much higher profit. Its like with Dooney purses where I live. We are near an outlet, so Doodle Bags are around $100 and nobody bats an eye. The nicer materials are still $300 or $400 and those are the 'envy bags' for a lot of middle class people. So someone like myself will go out and buy 9 or 10 $100 - $150 croco/lepoard/pebble leather bags, and then once a year I'll buy one nicer one in the higher price range. I would gladly do this with shoes. Otherwise I either buy gently used or not at all. I'm sure the company doesn't need MY money, but if you do the math and realize that if they tier priced like this not only would middle class, but higher earners would buy more too. We are in a recession, and you know designers can't be doing as well as they have been if stores are cutting down on what they buy, buyers are looking for deals and steals etc. IMO this would be a good way to keep everyone interested and business moving. Shame I don't know how to make shoes.

  12. Okay, yes, Stuart Weitzman is another brand I couldn't justify the cost for.
  13. Interesingly enough, I have Weitzman and Charles David shoes in my closet from 8 years ago. They have held up really, really well. On the other hand, I returned a pair of Manolo Sedarabys when the rhinestone oval fell off after 2 minutes of wear IN MY HOUSE!
  14. I don't know if you'd consider BCBGirls to be "designer" but they're overpriced for the quality. Laundry by Shelli Segal also seems very overpriced to me for what it is.

    I love my Charles David shoes and always get compliments on them, the ones I have are all made in Italy and have held up well (I'm waiting for 3 more pairs to arrive so I'll have to see if they've outsourced the manufacturing). With them I find that you have to order 1/2 size up because they run small, and they seem do the sexy 3" and higher heel styles best so I stick to buying their sexy styles and don't buy plain or 'comfort' shoes from them. And I always buy them on sale :yes:
  15. Louboutins are way over priced, hands down. As for Via Spiga, I have some pairs that I bought few years back, it was made in Italy at the time and cost $120 full retail. I purchased Via Spiga recently too and this time they were made in China. Although this time they didn't cost anywhere near the price I paid for my italian-made pairs.

    Don't know anything about Charles David, I only own one pair from Nordstrom Rack. They look nice, but not super comfy. Glad I didn't spend much on them.