over-priced LV on ebay?

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  1. i have an e-bay watch list of mostly LV vernis items, so eBay sometimes sends me e-mails with links to similar items on eBay. a few of them caught my eye in that they seemed *ridiculously* overpriced (more than retail value!)

    a few I found:

    a Fuchsia vernis cles...for $420!

    a Fuchsia vernis French wallet.. for $1380! (double retail value!?)

    i know the items are new and the color has been discontinued and all that, but still!! Why so much more than retail? I don't mean to be rude to anyone but these prices seem quite ridiculous to me...if anyone can explain the reasoning behind this, i'm all ears. :smile:
  2. I don't see the point of buying LV on eBay period. Most things are priced just a tad lower than what the retail value is. Its better to save your money and buy in a boutique. The experience and service is worth it.
  3. Supply and demand.... you want it, they have it, and once an item is discontinued the resell value goes WAY up!

    That is the reason that we ALL kick ourselves HARD when we don't get a piece of a collection that we really want while it is available!
  4. to reply to dell's comment--sorry my browser (Safari) does not seem to support quoting posts in my replies, arg):

    it still seems outrageous though. i actually have seen the same type of fuschia wallet (some in almost new condition) going for ~$500-600 on ebay. yes they are used but on most you can barely tell. other sellers on ebay (let-trade, rebeccalou, etc) sell pieces that are practically new but are discontinued, and *rarely* go above retail value. i can understand maybe a 20% markup from retail if it's BRAND NEW and the style/color is discontinued, but *DOUBLE* the price?? has anyone ever paid that??
  5. I think it's pretty silly too...I'm currently watching a framboise vernis cles that is priced at $315, which is $115 above retail. I'm basically only watching it to see if someone ends up buying it. I know if I wait patiently enough, a more reasonably priced one will come along.
  6. fuchsia seems to have that ridiculous high price on eBay...I haven't seen anything much sell for those overpriced fuchsia items though.