Over my dead body!!!

  1. if running into a financial crisis and would have to sell your handbags, which one you would not sell ever! in my case: My Gucci blondie bowler! never!!!! over my dead body!!! never, never, never,:shame:
  2. my LV Trouville.
  3. My favorite is still my Biscaynne Bay Vernis.
  4. I would sell jewelry first and keep my bags...if I had to choose I will never, ever part with my vintage Gucci bamboo handle in black...or my Chanel large flap bag or, etc....
  5. My mono Noe...its not my favorite bag to carry...well it used to be..I carried it to death...but my dad bought it for me when we were in NY...(he has since passed away)
  6. ^^ that is sweet.

    I would never give up my mono speedy 25. I just love her too much and it's the only bag I have ever owned that I use over and over.
  7. Very sweet...

    I wouldnt give up my LV mono speedy 30..it's my baby!!
  8. I would never give up my Prade red trim frame bag!!! :yes:
  9. mmmmm there are a few LV LEs that I would hate to part with but at the minute I don't think I could let my Chloe python four pocket cafe Betty go!
  10. I would never ever give up my Fendi spy!!!!!!!!!!:sweatdrop:
  11. My Judith Leiber.
  12. I would never give up any of my LV's!
  13. I would never give up my Balenciaga City pale rose. It's my first Bbag, and it's a gift from DH, who went through a lot of trouble to find me that exact Bbag.
  14. i would never give up my anya hindmarch 'be a bag' tote with my daughter's baby photo on it. it was a gift from my DH to mark our daughter's birth:smile: .
  15. :crybaby: Oh please don't make me give up my bags! But if they must go, I would have to insist on keeping my Chanel jumbo flap because my DH gave it to me:heart: .