Over Her Dead Body =)

  1. I saw this preview on commercials & immediately grabbed my Treo & put an alarm on my schedule to remind me it starts on Feb 1st.

    Last nite SO & I went to the movies & he wanted to watch "No country for old men". We were 30 mins early for that movie so I suggested we go watch this Eva Longoria movie for now until time comes for the other.

    He HATES movie like this bc he says its like any other movie and blah blah blah.

    Well, we got to watch this movie. It got so good that he didn't want to leave to the other movie. lol. It had a few really funny parts.

    I read on the yahoo reviews and got sorta turned off by the C and the 3 stars but I still wanted to watch it.

    It was a really refreshing & cute movie.

    I don't wanna spoil it for anyone but I loved the PARROT part. LOL. I was cracking up so bad! " Take the bird!"

    Movie overrall is refreshing. Watch it if ya get a chance to.

  2. oh, i want to see this! thanks for the review on it :smile: :tup:
  3. I wanted to see that, but I was turned off by the not so great reviews. (Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 13%. People Magazine only gave it one star.)

    Thanks for your review though. Because of it, Dead Body goes back on my list.
  4. lol! glad i was able to help yall wanna go see it!

    yep- the reviews turned me off, but i thought id give it a chance. glad i went to go see it!
  5. I really want to see this movie! It looks so good from the previews.
  6. I just cant see eva being in a good movie, she's really not worth the 10 bucks to see it, Ill have to wait for netflix. On a side note I do love paul rudd. he should be in more movies!
  7. I've never heard of this movie! Sounds good.
  8. Looks funny. I want to watch it.
  9. I want to see this too !! i never want to go to the movies, as i get so bored and fidgety but this is one I really want to go to.thx for the review!!
  10. I haven't seen it, but it sounds like it borrows heavily from the Noel Coward play Blithe Spirit. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blithe_Spirit

    It was made into a movie in the 1940's starring Rex Harrison and one of my favorite comedic actresses Margaret Rutherford. If you love old movies, I highly recommend Blithe Spirit (and if you like Margaret Rutherford, I also recommend you see the series of movies made in the sixties in which she plays Mrs. Marple. Much, much better than the insipid one on PBS. IMO.)