over-discussed but ... Rouge Theatre v Grenat

  1. NW and I met up for some Union Square shopping yesterday :tup:

    She had her rouge theatre city and I had my grenat work: I was sooo surprised to see how similar they are in color IRL :yes:

    My point might be that if you are hunting down RT like a Warrior on a mission-- try Grenat :okay:
  2. Wow! Thanks hmwe. I really AM hunting down RT like it's the rabbit and I'm Elmer Fudd. LOL
  3. LG, unless you have to have that EXACT shade, I'd seriously recommend finding a really pretty grenat :yes:

    When we took the bags inside a store, the flourescent lights made the purplish-undertones of Grenat come out and highlighted the more ruby red of RT.

    But they were incredibly similar.

    And this coming from a gal that was also chasing the RT rainbow! I am totally happy with Grenat and in fact if someone offered to magic make mine RT, I'd pass :yes:

    Grenat rocks!!!
  4. Hmmmm, can't agree with you on this one. Grenat is quite a bit of a deeper color, and the two have very different "characters." The RT is more joyous, vivacious, in your face. Grenat is more sultry, sophisticated and adult.

    Here are mine, RT on top (broken up by pewter) then Grenat. I love both, but RT is in a league of its own.

  5. Hmmm, yeah, I gotta agree with Deco. I used to have Grenat and I agree that RT is more *vivacious*.. lol.... although I was telling someone else recently that I felt RT was more of a "serious" red compared to Rouge Vif which I think of as a more cheerful color. :lol:
  6. If I can chime in here I want to clarify that they are not exact in hue but are in the same color family and are not too far apart. Unless someone had their heart set on RT, grenat is close and could be a good choice.
  7. ^^^ Deco, what is this clever bag-hanging scheme you've got going on in your closet? You can see everything so there's more chance of actually using them and coordinating with one's outfit. I need something like that in my bag closet for my personal collection.
  8. The difference I've seen is that all the grenat bags I've looked at are much more veiny than the RT.
  9. And see my grenat twiggy (that I ever so briefly owned) was almost the color of my marron 04. Nowhere near my rouge theatre. I think this is a case of different dye lots.
  10. Roo the grenat I had was thick, soft, and smooshy. No veins. I kinda wish I'd kept it, but it was too close to my marron.
  11. You are so lucky sunspark! All the ones I ever saw were veiny and crack-ly lookin !
  12. Deco, I :love: your collection - it is one of my favorites. The metallics you have are so great!
  13. Deco, your grenat is so gorgeous!!!!
  14. All I can say is my Grenat and NW's Rouge Theatre are very very close in color :shrugs:

    PS. Deco your RT and Grenat look very different to me; our two bags were way way closer in color :yes:
  15. this is going to sound stupid, but here it goes:
    maroon and RT are NOT the same?? they look almost identical...
    so confused :confused1: