Over CL am I alone?

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  1. I had a reasonable collection of CL and rarely wore them due to how uncomfortable (read sometimes agonisingly painful!) they were. I am losing my love for platforms...

    I sold off most of my collection which was just sat in my closet.

    Now I feel tempted by Manolo - as I am past my 20's I feel they might be a more classic elegant and hopefully timeless purchase? would anyone agree?

    OR is there another brand which could replace CL in my situation? TIA:smile:

  2. I am a big Manolo fan, they are so much more comfortable than most CL's. I am not even convinced about the quality of CLs anymore.

    I also find Emilio Pucci and Gucci generally great to wear.
    Certainly Manolo's are classic and elegant but you can also go for some of his more interesting designs as well.
    I've had some of Manolo's for years, they wear well and can be easily repaired, as long as treated with due care and love.

    I would encourage you try a couple of styles at boutique or shops to see if they work for you.
  3. Yes! I have several CLs that I bought years ago but found that they were inappropriate for almost all situations I'm in (the flash of red is a bit too obvious) and so they go unused. I loved that pop of colour at first but slowly became uncomfortable wearing them to work or around certain friends, family, etc.

    I have since converted to Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo and Saint Laurent. Valentino and Roger Vivier are great for flats. Comfortable, elegant and understated. And their sizing is much more consistent.
  4. Sergio Rossi, Fendi, Jimmy Choo and S. Ferragamo are far the most comfortable shoes. I had CL and gave it to my daughter because they are just too much tight and idk, i just didnt feel them.
  5. Have a look at Jimmy Choo, comfortable but still fashionable.
  6. I love Jimmy Choo and Gucci!
  7. I am in the process of purging most of my Louboutins for this very reason. I still love them but I refuse to wear shoes that hurt my feet anymore.
  8. Was over CL aloooong time ago even though i didnt own that many pairs (only 2 from probably 7-8years ago)
    CLs just arent made the way they used to be. The decline in quality (not to mention staggering increase in price) is very clearly visible on new CLs.
    Bit sad really.
  9. Gianvito Rossi is another one you could check out.

    I also recommend LK Bennett shoes, very stylish and not as expensive.
  10. No, not alone at all. CLs are impractical not only because they're uncomfortable, but because they're too sculptural to function as footwear. The heel is too high, the vamp is too fetish-y, and the material is too delicate. Not to mention the price is exorbitant compared to similar brands.

    Try Sergio Rossi and Giuseppe Zanotti. You won't go back.
  11. ^^This!!

    Valentino, Charlotte Olympia(flats & low heels), Sophia Webster (flats & Low heels), Sergio Rossi, Fendi have all become staples for me.
  12. I totally agree. I only have a few pairs of of CLs, but I also found only a handful of occasions to wear them to. They are also not really worth the discomfort to me anymore. I'm keeping the pairs I have because they were relatively classic styles, but I don't think I will be purchasing any more.

    I've been on the hunt for a classic pair of pointy, black calf skin pumps. I went into Nordstrom the other day and told a sales associate just that. He was so helpful suggesting various brands and pulling out different shoes for me to try on. Each brand has such a different cut and style, you really should find the time to just try a bunch and see which brands speak to you (and your feet). Saint Laurent ended up being my brand and I picked up a pair of Paris pumps (not in black....:sweatdrop:). They are so beautiful and comfortable, I wish I had done this earlier and invested better shoes.
  13. Choo, Valentino, Prada, and Chanel
    These are my favorite shoe brands.
  14. lol this is why I LOVE CLs there the only designer heels that are like this!! Sure itd be nice if they were cheaper but CLs are like the perfect mix between like fetish heels and like designer heels to me....
  15. glad I am not alone! I was thinking of trying the MB BB .... my only decision is do I sell my ast CL which are rolandos (sp) I have worn them once in 3 years!!

    I will try some of the brands mentioned too thanks,

    Will report back as to how I find the MB

    I found it a bit disturbing when I read somewhere that CL designs deliberately painful shoes for want of the correct phrase..... I don't want to be associated with the possible fetish aspect...

    I can definitely see why CL is difficult to wear in some situations even putting aside the discomfort value ( and I appreciate some styles of CL are comfortable just not many lol!)

    The inconsistent sizing is a huge issue with CL to a lesser degree I found JC to be inconsistent too.

    I wonder has CL had his best day - how long can the trend continue? from where I am sat I am with the poster who refuses to wear (generally) painful shoes ..

    comfort & style is it too much to ask ? I also appreciate a certain classic element to a design a timeless element - platforms or round toe/pointed toe coming in and out each season....not sure I want to pay $$$$$ for something that could be out in 12 months (or 6)!