Over 40: What's your skin care line/regime?

  1. Facials, masks, favorite skin care lines, sunblocks, botox, restalyne, ...?

    Share your secrets to great looking skin over 40!
  2. Wow! Now that I think about your question, I sure do a LOT of stuff to my skin. I'm 50 (tragic, but true) and I think I am very fortunate to have found a progressive, caring dermatologist. She has a medical esthetician in her office too so I see both of them. I'm usually there 3 -4 times a month.

    My list of things I use and do would be:

    1. Restylane
    2. Botox
    3. Parisian Peel once a month
    4. Chemical Peel once a month
    5. Daily I use a combination of Obagi, Skinceutical and MD Forte Products that include cleansers, toners, a Vitamin C serum, a hydrating mask, exfoliating day and night creams and sunscreen.
    6. Extractions once or twice a month
  3. Well, I wash my face. :smile:

    My skin is very oily despite my ancient age (54.5) so my regimen will not work for everybody, but after I wash it (with Mysore Sandal soap and one of those long bumply nylon washcloths which also exfoliates), I put sunscreen (some moisturizer thing from L'Oreal right now, next time, whichever one is cheapest), or makeup (Maybelline Age Rewind mixed with Max Factor HIP), every week or so I do a Queen Helene Mint Julep mask, sometimes I will do one with plain old pearl powder.

    For the rest of my skin, I wash it, then put Vaseline Advanced Healing Lotion or the CVS copy on it, because I like the smell, it says fragrance free, but on me, it has a very nice fresh scent.

    A couple of times a week I exfoliate legs, etc with regular white sugar, and about every other night I put a whole mess of Vaseline on my hands, feet, and ankles, and then socks and comical white Minnie Mouse gloves ($2 @ Sally's) and go to sleep like that, to the high amusement of Mr Puff.
  4. ^^^ I bet you look fabulous!!!
  5. OK...so I'm not quite there yet (I will be 38 in April) but I have to say SUNBLOCK & more SUNBLOCK for us !! I use LOTS mostly b/c I am outside a lot (either b/c of my job or my training)

    As far as washing my face I work in a couple of spas so I am always trying stuff they have there. I can't say I've "loved" any one product (or line) over any others. They all have some good & some not so good stuff.

    Believe it or not I still get quite a few of zits considering my age.....I never got them up until age 25...then all of a sudden I started getting them:sad: I use Clean & Clear Persa-Gel 10 for them.:shame:

    I DO get Botox every 12 weeks between my eyebrows b/c I looked like I was mad all of the time. I :heart: :heart: it ! No more eyebrow wrinkles:yahoo:

    I have researched restylane and I'm sure I will get some (unless something better comes out by the time I'm ready;))

    I would love to get either laser resurfacing, Fraxel laser treatment, or microdermabrasion, but b/c I am in the sun so much, I think it would be a waste:shrugs:

    I will do whatever it takes to fight "old" looking skin:yucky:
  6. Will be 38, so I am not yet there, but not too long:

    I use Artistry Normal to Oily Skin Care System, but will be updating to the Time Defiance System after I'm done.

    Alpha Hydroxy serum
    Bright Ideas Skin Illuminating Essence
    Moisturiser with SPF 15

    On ocassion I use a scrub and alternate months I use a pore cleansing masque.

    Takes me 3.5 minutes
  7. All I can say for older/aging skin is that SERUM is VERY good for you!!!!

    I'm only 20 and I use sunscreen EVERYDAY...
  8. Cassidyfit1, can you please share more about your botox experience? If you stop getting botox, would the problem area of your skin looks / get worse than before? I have never had botox but been thinking about it for the 2, 3 fine lines under my eyes. I don't know anyone personnally who has botox. Not sure how much the effect it can have. Thanks!
  9. ^Great question. I always wonder that too.
  10. Mr. Puff!! I LOVE It!! Laughing to myself!!
  11. I just turned 40 so this title still "stings" but here goes:

    Botox: I get 2.5 units at the outer third of each eyebrow to lift. I don't have forehead wrinkles or elevens between brows, so am extremely lucky. And it's really cheap if you can pay by the unit!! Now, my 62 yr old fiance Bob gets the full treatment. He does it every 12 weeks religiously and is following the protocol from Canada's Pure Med Spa. After a couple years, it is expected he will not need to do it anymore. Ever! Good thing as he uses a lot - 60 units each time!

    Resylane: I love this stuff! Going in next week for touch up. Use it at the nasal labial folds, lips (upper is smaller than lower), and marrionette lines at chin from corners of mouth. May be guinae pig with it injected my eyebrow line for additional lift (hooded lids - avoiding surgery). Bob has bags under eyes and is seriously considering Resylane for that, in addition to his nasal labial folds that he has had done alredy. I've seen it work a miracle on a friend with her bags and a dent that ran down her cheek. She looks like a new woman.

    Just finished 5 cycles of the following: chemical peel, photofacial & laser facial (IPL). I am not wrinkly/saggy enough for Fraxel but Bob has had it and it has shrunken his jowels dramatically. It has cured me of my acne - finally, and got rid of my broken capillaries around my nose! Am also seeing continual skin firming. Looking good! Have 5 more coming as maintenance. Did first five cycles in one year. Will drag out remaining over two years. My chemical peel has same effect as dermabrasion but is gentler and will not aggrivate my tendancy for keiloid scarring.

    Skin care: I am loyal to Isomers, a Canadian line of products sold on ShopNBC here in US. My oily skin loves their serums and gels. Copper P serum totally reduced the appearance of my large pores! I also love their Chito-Firm serum. Really does give tightening effect. I also use serums that are similar to Dr. Periconne's line but not nearly as costly. Can be found at Wild Oats, Whole Foods and other natural food stores.

    Makeup: Bare Escentuals. Will never use another product ever again I love it so much!!
  12. I clean my face with Cetaphil and then use a toner to make sure all the make-up is gone.
    Here is the list of things I use/do:
    - Retin-A
    -At home Dermabrasion
    -TCA peel on the lower face/chin about 4x a year.
    -Radiesse/Restalyn - to N/L folds
    I was a real sun worshiper and am now trying to correct the damage.
  13. Makeup: Bare Escentuals. Will never use another product ever again I love it so much!!
    Yes - forgot that! I love it - it provides subtle, natural coverage without looking all make-up!
  14. I know this question wasn't exactly addressed to me, but I hope you don't mind me relating my own experience.... I've been getting Botox for about 2 1/2 years now for the area between my eyes and for "crow's feet". My original pre-wrinkle skin has been restored. But, Botox wears off graudally. After about four months, I see the creases coming back and I make an appt. with my dermatologist.

    The way I understand it, Botox "freezes" the muscles temporarily and gradually breaks down. I have found that by wearing sunglasses and not squinting the effects last longer. I whole heartedly swear by Botox! I am 50 years old and got carded last week while buying a bottle of wine. Granted they card anyone 30 or younger, but still....Looking 30 isn't bad at all!:yes:
  15. You rock!! I bet that made your day!!

    I'm too chicken to get botoxed. I'm in my 40's and some of my girlfriends have started. I have really good skin which is genetic and also because as a kid I HATED the sun. I was always the whitest of the white girls in school. Well, it paid off in "old age" not to have a tan in my younger years!

    A friend of mine at our CC is a plastic surgeon. His dad is also and does the "skin care side" and he does the surgery. I'm not sure what I'll do. He said the newest thing is called Artofil and they just got back from Miami for a conference on it. But his opinion is to do a one-stitch face lift. I'm nowhere near that but just thinking about options.

    Thanks for answering the post!