Over 30, first child? ?

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  1. Yes, this is a personal question; so, I understand if I don't get many replies.

    I was just curious if any ladies here had their first child after the age of 30?

    Thanks - I am 32 with no children as of today (unless you count the hubby :evil: ).
  2. I am 37, we are going to start trying in April for a baby..(can't wait!!! I'm finally ready!!!!!) If only I could just have one MINUS the wieght gain...(thats my biggest war in life) staying a 8 -10 is a BATTLE! I have alot of friends that have had babies over 35. I will keep you posted when it happens to us. I will have to find a pregnancy site to blog on as I know that ofcourse whatever I go through in pregnancy will be such a HUGE thing for me. (I kind of have that whole princess syndrom thing) Thank god my husband takes care of me like that) ANYWAY..funny that you posted this as I woke up thinking about babies this morning.
  3. my mom had me at 33 and my brother at 35 - it's completely doable!
  4. You pretty much summed up my feelings and position on the issue.

    I am a size 2-4; but vanity is my sin...also, I found out I went into early menopause because of Depo-Provera (been on it for 12 years) I am now on Climara (ERT), but, I still got a depo shot in Feb. This is my last shot though, I just don't know if it is too late for me. :sad:

    We will have to keep a little thread going where we can check in with our progress. Good luck to both of us; I truly mean that, such a big thing; somehow unfair that it can be such a small, taken for granted thing for others. Guess I woke up on the depressed side of motherhood this AM.
  5. It really is a big thing. I have fears about things now that I never had in my 20's ... If I would have found my husband years ago I would have babies then! I wanted to have a big house, be finacially stable, travel as much as I could and oh, shop like crazy. (selfish) now that I'm ready Im terrified of the pain involved, becoming obese and never being skinny again. It just seems it is the next step in my life, Iam ready but scared....my husband has agreed to plastic surgery if I NEED it so that helps in the body area if my trainer can't whip my fat ass back into shape. (great, more pain to look forward to!) I could go on and on .... I think you get it (even though I'm allllll over theplace wtih this!)
  6. Not that I am over 30 or have any kids, I do feel it is better to have a child when you truly feel financially and emotionally ready. My parents actually had me late in age compared to when my two other siblings were born and although some like to tease me that I was a "mistake" I know it was the best "mistake" they could have made :smile: ...sorry tootin my own horn here. Weight gain would be a concern of mine, but look at the silver lining..you are ALLOWED to gain weight, you are SUPPOSED to..it is about giving yourself permission to enjoy your pregnancy..it is ashame that celebrities are so incredbily pressured to lose the baby weight within about a month.
  7. My hubby and I have the same agreement about surgery, of course, I have already had two BA's and as of today, would say a big NO to breast feeding because of them (that was a lot of $ I invested up there).

    It is actually reassuring to hear that there are other women with the same fears that I have.
  8. Hi,
    I had my first child at 37 (after being married for 20 years). Pregancy was a breeze. I had very little morning sickness and no symptoms of anything that most women complained about. I only gained 18 -20 lbs (and I am very tall) so you really couldn't tell I was pregnant. The best thing we did when I was pregant was hire a private Lamaze teacher-went to two classes at the hospital and the woman giving it was horrible. I feel very confident and not afraid but did end up having a C-section which was no big deal. Three years later at the age of 40 I had my daughter. Her pregnancy was hard because of the stress of having my first doctor act like there was a 99% chance of having a birth defect because of my age, he even had the nerve to suggest abortion at every visit. Once we moved I found a wonderful lady doctor and pregancy changed to 100% better with nothing but morning sickness to bother me. I think I had a better attitude being older and just didn't sweat the small stuff. I wish you the best and tell you it is not as bad as everyone will tell you. It seems when you are pregnant strangers will tell you the horror stories of their pregnancy, that was the one thing that got me upset I didn't want to hear of this.
  9. I had my twin sons at 32. My husband and I had waited to be financially set, etc. then once we started trying we had fertility problems and it took me 3 years to have my kids. My pregnancy was high-risk and I was very sick through the entire 9 months. I only gained 25 pounds w/ twins and the weight was off at my 2 week checkup. I was never worried about weight gain anyway b/c I had wanted them so badly, nothing else really seemed to matter. I'm a size 6 now just like before I had them (8 years ago). I had a great attitude through my whole pregnancy and after so even w/ all my problems and sickness it was still fine.
  10. Got pregnant with my son at 39, delivered at 40. I had no trouble getting pregnant. Used an ovulation predictor (available over the counter) and bam! Pregnancy was so much easier than I anticipated. After the first trimester I felt like Superwoman, I had so much energy. I did gain some weight with the pregnancy, and only after a few years was able to get it off (by eliminating sugar and white/processed foods from my diet), but I've always had a tendency to gain weight. Don't diet while pregnant though!!! It's really important that the baby gets nutrients (including FAT, essential for brain and nerve development) and women who diet while pregnant can have children whose growth and development are below normal.
  11. I have lots of friends that have had their children after the age of 30, it's actually very common now - and totally problem free I might add! {for my friends}

    There are a lot of misconceptions I feel like after reading through this thread though.

    Pregnancy does not equal a "fat ass", you CAN breastfeed even if you have implants, just not after a breast reduction normally. Implants require some maintenance, breastfeeding shouldn't change anything there. Breastfeeding is actually the best way to lose weight fast. Breastfeeding is scary when you don't know much about it, but it's actually the majority now. More women breastfeed than not. Only about 1% of women have true medical reaosn why they can not.
    Please don't think I'm some hardcore breastfeeding extremist, I'm not, just trying to clear up misconceptions!

    I was back to prepregnancy weight w/ both pregnancies very quickly. In fact, w/ my twins I gained a total of 29lbs and 5 days after delivery when I left the hospital I has lost all but 4 of them.

    I agree, you always hear the bad stuff after pregnancies, but that's only a small percentage of what's real.
    I had 2 very easy pregnancies, even w/ high risk multiples.
    We're done for sure, the twins were the "Grand Finale" as we only were trying for one more! But my pregnancies were so easy that I'm actually sad I'll never be pregnant again, I LOVED being pregnant.

    Now I'm concentrating my efrorts on finding the right surgeon because being pregnant w/ twins when you're 5'2" is havoc to the skin on your tummy!
  12. Getting pregnant is your 30s is not as "difficult" as the media would have women believe. Your body is actually capable of amazing things.

    I am 33 and trying to conceive. Who knows, I might be pregnant at this very moment (won't know for another 10 days or so)!

    I am a size 2 also but I don't care about weight gain. I plan to exercise four times a week all the way into my 9th month, since exercising will keep my body strong and ready it for the fatigue of labor. I will increase my caloric intake as recommended, but will not stop exercising, even if it just means doing 30 minutes on the elliptical and then stretching.

    Exercise during pregnancy not only makes delivery easier, it makes it easier to lose weight after giving birth also. Another great way to lose weight after giving birth is breastfeeding. It gives your child the building blocks to their immune system, and it melts calories away!
  13. PLease let me say that I in NO way meant that pregnancy = fat ass.... AT ALL. I have pics of 3 of my friends framed in thier 9 month glory. I simply meant that as I have always battled to keep myself at an 8 ...10 when its bad...I know for me that a I gain weight all over and the first thing to get fluffy is my bum....this is my personal deal. IN NO WAY did I mean anything else. It can be frustrating getting a point mistaken in a post. My apologies!!
  14. wow some real great advice in this thread ladies; thank you all so much.

    What a great forum, that we can shift gears from the superficial to the serious without batting an eye.

    Seriously, thank you all so much, it is just great to hear of so many happy, successful, women who took their time to do things their way.

    I just can't express how much these few paragraphs have lifted my spirits. :smile:
  15. Had my first at 41.