Over $1k for a fake??

  1. Oh, yes, fake for very many reasons
  2. hmmm, as far as i know - this bag is not the real deal... yes you are correct - it should be black thread along the top, and the tag should be on black string, the extra tassel should not be rolled up and the silver tag doesnt look straight.... nice colour though :smile:
  3. Wow, a super fake! Love the leather though...
  4. This makes really sad & angry at the same time. I saw the small picture while browsing through ebay & got excited because I thought the color was lovely & at a high price I thought the chances that it was real would be greater. The kind of price for a fake though is simply ridiculous. Why would anyone even go to that kind of trouble? It is just sad. I hope no one buys it, espically at anywhere near the BIN price.
  5. That zipper is a dead giveaway.
  6. ^ It is really sad :sad: sellers think they can get away with this because they price it high.. they try to fool buyers - and it works unfortunately.

    The best we can do is report report report!!!!

    ....oh and it's not even a 'superfake' in my opinion, almost everything about it is off - including the color. It's a horribly high priced piece of !$*! :lol:
  7. The hardware is silver :weird: . I emailed her and said it was fake. She honestly does not think it is a fake. I kept telling her and gave her LP's site. Please email this person and let her know that what she's doing is illegal and report her. I am so sick and tired of sellers like these:mad:
  8. Is the string that attaches the silver plate always supposed to be black?
  9. The hardware is gold right? or am I blind? The tassles are horrible The seller may not be aware that her purse is fake...because to the best of my knowledge Balenciaga doesn't retail at Nordstroms.
  10. That old lampo zipper--wow! I thought the fakes had gotten more sophisticated.
  11. i'm going to report it, i would hate to see someone spend that much on a fake
  12. yes, beautiful color but it's a fake.
  13. My guess is she bought in on Ebay and now she is re-selling it. I checked some of her items she bought, she also bought a fake Spy. I havnt found the b-bag yet but she buys A LOT of stuff and there are a lot of items to go through. She may not even realize that she bought a fake, but I'd be interested to see how much she paid for this originally.
  14. The plauqe on the inside is also crooked! Total fake, but love that color! Too badit wasn't real!