Oval or pochette?

  1. Hi! I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and no one is looking too much like this guy here :throwup:. It turns out that I've actually made enough money to get a clutch. I was looking around in the forum and I've pretty much come down to two styles. The oval and the pochette. The Bal store in Paris still has an oval in Emerald or I was thinking I could get the pochette in electric blue when it comes out. Which do you think I should get? I'm looking for something to put my wallet (something money-sized), handphone, keys and tub of lipbalm in. It'll live in my work but when I need to run to the store or when I'm just visiting a friend in his/her dorm room, I'll just take it out and leave the work in my room. I like the oval very much but I've read somewhere that someone saw it before and it only had okay leather. I'm still waiting on the status of the EB leather so I don't really have anything to compare the oval's leather to. Colour-wise, both shades are pretty, though I'm probably more excited about EB (from the picture from Cult Status) than the emerald. The only thing about the emerald oval is that I'll be getting it from this obnoxious SA in paris. I asked about the oval clutch and he kept telling me that there is only the oval (pronounced ovo) but it is not a clutch. And we kept going around and around in circles until he said "day". Then it clicked in my head that he was saying hobo. WTF? I mean I know that the French have silent 'h's but seriously, he wasn't even trying to listen to me. And he was rude about the price checking and didn't even bother to respond to my question of how much shipping to Singapore was. :cursing: So anyway, ranting aside, which should I get? Or should I try and see if the white oval in the printemps (spelling?) store is still available? Thanks for any advice! :yes:
  2. Here is a pic of my cornflower Oval next to two Money wallets (in anthracite and bleu glacier) and a can of diet pepsi for color comparo ;)


    and with a Mulberry wallet that is the same size as a Money, my Revo sunglasses case, a lipstick (in the inside zipper) and a cell phone (in the outside zipper):

  3. FYI - the oval was discontinued in 06, so there wont' be an oval in EB, sorry!! a lot of people are bummed by that, myself included...

    like HMWE's pic shows, the oval is actually much bigger then it appears. it can hold the things you need to make a quick dash to a friend or out and about. i think the emerald leather, from what i've seen, is quite veiny like the picture of the cornflower. it's a rich deep green that is quite bright as well.

    last week, there was an ivory oval at the Barneys in Beverly Hills also, but that color is very quick to dirty and would probably not fair well being bounced around in the bottom of a work bag!

    good luck getting the guy in paris to understand you! it's worth it for what you want :yes:
  4. oooooo, here's a pic v the First:


    and v the City:

  5. Ooh, thanks so much. hmwe46, you're wonderful! I called BalNY up and they will not be getting the le pochette in EB but they do have an oval in truffle. I don't know. I really like the colour, and I've been looking at pictures of the one that you returned. Kim sent me pictures of the truffle pochette. Hang on, I've never attached photos before.


    The leather doesn't look quite as smooshy as the one you returned and the colour lighter. Is it just because of the lighting and cameras? I don't know. But it's still just a lovely colour. I never gave browns much thought because there're so many many other brighter colours; the pinks, the blues, violet, greens... But seeing Natalia V's truffle bag as well as Oula's truffle work gave me a new perspective. They're so gorgeous. And though there isn't the giant hardware to brighten it up, it's still a pretty, versatile, bright (IMO. :smile:) colour. What's a girl to do? Decisions, decisions...
  6. So what did you decide?!?! :wlae:
  7. I cannot have more fabulous things to say about the Oval. I can put a lot more stuff than initially expected into it. I usually carry the oval filled with a cell phone, iPod Nano/headphones in a coin purse, checkbook-sized wallet, and another coin purse that has my makeup stuff inside.

    I think it's the perfect going out purse...
  8. Heehee. I finally decided on the truffle oval. I just LOVE the colour. It's so pretty. I never thought that I would get taken with neutrals since there are so many more bright and exciting colours around but gosh, I was looking at the truffle oval that hmwe46 bought and it's so pretty. They still have the pochette in Tomato,lilac (I have a feeling that BalNY might be getting calls about this one) and truffle. But I think that the thing it came down to was looking through the celebs with their balenciaga bags and there was a picture of Vanessa Carlton with her oval and one of Vanessa Traina with her pochette.



    I thought that the pochette looked better at first and there's a better colour selection but there's something about the homely little (or should I say big) oval that keeps drawing me back. And then I found a second picture of the pochette and boy is it huge and not-so-cute.


    I can totally see how it would be easier to carry but the oval is just too cute. And plus BalNY wasn't getting the pochette in in EB (if that makes sense. :smile: )Thank you so much for your help, hmwe46, nicole2730 and lil_mis_sha! It's coming to me sometime in Jan when I get back to college. I mean it's only two weeks away and even if Kim sends it to me now, I'll only get it in a week's time and then I'll have to pay US$70 for shipping and 7% tax when it gets to Singapore. So much simpler to get it in Claremont. I'll post pictures of it when it gets here. My SGH violet work is coming soon and next will be the EB Money and maybe, just maybe, the day in either BG, turq or sky blue... And then :banned:. Back to being a good little college student. Though I just might sell the violet work since I'm more than a little concerned about the giant hardware. Haha. This never stops, does it?
  9. You'll love it.. I have the lavender, it does hold so much & the truffle is a really versatile shade, Congratulations!!
  10. congrats on your oval toriatan....:nuts:
    i am also trying to decide between the two, but i never use brown bags (i have a camel linea metallica bal bag from 06 that sits on my shelf)...
    i'm still hoping i can find one somewhere...

    i know you said bal ny didn't order the EB in the pochette, but did they tell you if they ordered any of the s/s colors in that style?
  11. I LOVE my oval.....It's such a great bag. Sorry about the snooty SA. :sad: I'd snatch up the oval when I could....like others have said, they are now hard to find.
  12. ^^^ Hehe, just read that you got the oval!!!! Congrats!