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  1. Hello, everyone. I want a larger oval diamond solitaire. I'm thinking a 2.50-3.00 stone although I have skinny fingers. Oval solitaires seem to be a rare choice for an engagement ring. Does anyone have photos of ovals in this size range? I have a 1.55 oval solitaire, and I've had it for 17 years. Thanks!
  2. Here's a photo of my oval....

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  3. Will you keep your existing ring or change that up too? Your current diamond is really pretty but I absolutely understand the desire to go up.
  4. I am keeping my mounting because my wedding band is its twin. I plan to sell my current stone to help finance the new one. Thanks!
  5. Try going on Pricescope and searching for oval diamonds - there should be pics of some in that carat weight. your current ring is lovely - ovals are such a flattering shape.
  6. your ring is stunning! why do you want to change it? :P
  7. I would go a minium of one carat upgrade to give a very visible difference in size. Hopefully wherever you purchased your original diamond has a good trade-in clause. The store where I work has the deal that if you purchased the diamond originally from us, you get a one to one basis. (Example: if you originally spent $3000, you would need to spend $6000 in order to get the $3000 credit). Good Luck. Your current e-ring is beautiful.......
  8. Bagaday, a minimum of a carat is best. :graucho:
    vanbrunsta, I looked at a 3 carat oval over the weekend. My stone was definitely nicer than it. If the need for a new stone diminishes over the next few months, I'll keep my diamond.
    shanam, I will checkout that site.

    Thanks everyone!
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  10. ^^^Thanks!