oval & coin purse @ balNY

  1. Does anyone know if BalNY has oval clutchs or coin purses and eventually in wich colours?
    I wonder also how much are these 2 styles in Usa? I'd like to place an order but i don't know how because I'm from Europe...:wondering
  2. When I checked about 2 weeks ago, they had oval clutch in White, Black, Truffle, and Lilac. It is $695.00
  3. If your in europe, try Bal Paris, you'll save a fortune on shipping and taxes!!
  4. ThANKS Wintotty for the info.
    I mailed to Bal Paris and I'm waiting from an answer....I thought that from Europe we don't pay taxes purchaising from USA but maybe I was wrong...
    How can I contact BalNY? I haven't found any e mail address on the Balenciaga web site...
  5. thank you very much:cutesy:
  6. FYI, coin purses in the US are $285.
  7. Thank you Moonsoon