Oval Arena

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  1. does anyone has the oval arena ? how much? :love: it looks so good :heart:

    photo fr: restir.com
    oval arena.jpg
  2. I saw it "in-the-flesh" at Gretta Luxe (Wellesley, MA). The pictures look better than it does live ... I thought it was wicked-FUGLY!! It's a strange design ... to me, it looked like the top was just slapped on without any thought as to how it would affect the 'look'.

    I do have the Ghost (in White), which I think is nicer looking ... but it's a lot smaller (the Oval is actually a lot larger than you would think).
  3. That's really cute!
  4. OMG, really? How disappointing. I really liked the look of it... Exactly how big is this thing IRL, Ceejay?

    How would it compare in size to, say, a classique? Or a coin purse?

    Thanks! :flowers:
  5. I agree. It looks really cool from the pictures.
  6. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  7. ceejay can you post a pic of the ghost i dont know what it looks like :smile:
  8. I just saw the Oval yesterday, and had pretty much the same reaction - the leather was NOT nice at all, and the shape was just kind of random. It's maybe 12" wide. The top part of the oval is not useful space, it just has two magnetic snaps that hold the front and back together. I kind of wondered if the padded top part is meant to be held as a handle? The SA didn't know either.

    Here's the ghost:
    (One I had briefly and returned - cute, but not what I needed.)
  9. thanks for the info LP :smile:
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