OV Watch

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  1. As some of you know, I used clomid for 2 months and I have used the clearblue fertility monitor for 9 months and nothing has happened for me. Fertility doc and my gyn said me and DH are fine....according to tests. They know from blood work I ovulate. So ..... I keep prolonging the inevitable (IUI or IVF) but wonder..... OV Watch? That annoying bachlorette used it to get pregnant. Has anyone used it?? I am about to takeout my credit card... here is the link:
    http://www.pregnantin3months.com/ :confused1:
  2. I´ve never heard anything about this so I can´t recommend it but I hope you succeed in getting pregs:heart:
  3. Hey Duranie good to see you!
    Hope you had some fun in the sun.
    Did you order the watch?
  4. No, not yet....I already have the clearblue fertility monitor...
  5. Interesting! Hmmm... wish someone had a review for us!
  6. I am getting one as a Christmas gift from my best friend. LOL
    Now if I get pregnant, they can say they had a hand in it....they will be a God-parent for sure!
  7. Yay! Give us a product review when you get it!!

    Why didn't I ask for that for Christmas?? My dad wants to be a grandfather so badly he would have gone out and bought it himself...
  8. just google OV Watch they have a special til DEc 21st- but 3 sensors with the watch, if you do not get pregnant they will send 3 more sensors free.
  9. I have never heard of it either. Good luck with it and keep is updated.