Ouvea Carryall

  1. Hi everybody, this is my first post in the purse forum.:shame:
    I got no louis vuitton pieses and i would like to start my own collection.
    i would like to know if the Ouvea Carryall from the spirng-summer collection is still aviable?
    thank you!
    :shame: :flowers:

  2. yes it is! i saw it at my store the other day... i have it and i love it
  3. can you post some pictures please?
  4. Agreed with Hikau. It's still available in stores. The Ouvea was on display at my store and I tried it out. I hope you get it!!!
  5. there is someone in here who bought it and have some pictures?
  6. This is Deluxeduck's picture. I hope you don't mind me posting this picture, deluxe. The Ouvea is on the blue chair on the bottom right. ;)

  7. thank u!
    im from israel, and there is only one LV store in my country.
    do you think its posible to find it in this store?
  8. what is the price of the ouvea?
  9. The Ouvea is $1,350 USD.
  10. Thanks john! How much can it store compared to a carryall? and os is out of production now?

  11. I want to say that it has the same dimension as the carryall. So probably the same space to store?
  12. if your boutique doesn't have one, im sure they could arrange a transfer from another boutique internationally. the Sydney LV does it regualrly with the HK and Singapore LVs. but better act now, if you really want it :yes: here's a better photo of my carryall:


    best of luck!
  13. It's gorgeous! :love: How much does this bag retails for?
  14. like john said above $1350 USD, BUT I really need to know how much it holds compared to the keepall 55 (I am looking damier) I am leaning towards the damier because its easier to care for and I am very messy but at the same time I get paranoid if something isn't perfect and I'd be worried of spilling all over the bag while travelling. Is the damier ot the carryall bigger?
  15. the Keepall 55 is definitely bigger and Damier is the best option for travelling :yes: