Outta Control, nother modeling pic...

  1. Don't think I ever posted this, but it's my favorite bag, the alma of course and Louis modeling a Murakami hair pin...:nuts:
    Post Louis Alma.jpg
  2. aw, your baby boy is more and more handsome every day...and the alma is lovely too!:heart:
  3. Thanks Mick! Can't believe I got the hair pin in his hair... hims very cute!
  4. my Bf just saw the pic he was like "theres a pig on the bed!"

    Yeah that's Louis! Looking good Louis!
  5. too cute.
  6. Hey! I have Shih tzu named name Louis (oddly enough he looks like a little piggy!) Cute pic!
  7. A Shih tzu named Louis tres beaucoup! I wonder how we both came up with that...


  8. Yikes, a pig on the bed and pig in a blanket,,, not too mention wearing Murakami:yes: heehee
  9. Sooo cute!!!
  10. awwww I love Louis the pig soooo much...he looks so cute with everything !
  11. Cool Socialite! I was hoping you'd see this!!! Whenever I use and adore my hairpins I think of you and your mum, sure hope you all can find some...:heart:

  12. not just wearing it he's ROCKING it!
  13. so adorable.
  14. I dont think she wants them now haha lol she says there too young for her. But I still love them, If I can get some cheap, I will buy a pig to go with them. :p :heart:
  15. What a cutie Louis is. He's so adorable.