Outside pics of Edith and blanc Pocket


Feb 4, 2006
I promised outside pics when the sun came out, and it was finally dry enough today to get some taken. So here they are...


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Your cream pocket Paddy is gorgeous. I love the Edith. I received both the whiskey and chamois Edith today (thinking to use one in the fall/winter and the other in the spring/summer). Though the chamois is a pretty color, when I opened the whiskey sleeper the 'wow factor' hit me much harder and I knew I wouldn't use the chamois very much at all (so the chamois is on it's way back). I hope you are able to come to a happy conclusion soon as the Whiskey Edith is both unique in style and color. It's a beauty.
Thanks for the outdoor pics, ET! You can really appreciate how rich the whiskey colour is here and the blanc on the pocket Paddy is is just so luscious! Do you know if you'll keep the pocket Paddy or still on the fence? Now I know why you're so torn. It's really beautiful.
Of course I love love love the pocket! Must keep!

So Edith - is yours that slouchy because she's not stuffed, or does she have those same foldy characteristics when airborne? (I see this in a lot of other pics too) Mine isn't as lumpy/foldy as that - which I think is what adds a character that perhaps mine is lacking - the rigidness gives mine this psycho-stalker look :smile::smile:

Hmmm, perhaps will post pics....
I have been looking at the Blanc ever since you talked about selling yours. What made you think you might not want to keep it? I think it is a beautiful bag. My NM had it in stock so I was thinking about taking another look at it next week.
Blugenie, I have been "rolling" and "squishing" the Edith to work some of the stiffness out of the leather. I think in time it will become very soft like the Paddington. Mine is getting MUCH slouchier now, and when I took it in and set it back on the shelf it slouched down quite a bit. Why not work with yours a bit and see if it loosens up?

SerenitySue and Georgiegirl, I am still on the fence about the blanc. When I pick it up, I am not sure...but just looking at it, it is stunning. The weight and size are the two problem issues. It is a better size than the big pocket (which got a wonderful new home with Murasaki!), but it is still a bit large and doesn't stay on my shoulder and it's a bit heavy for a "crook of the arm" bag. I am BAD with decisions. Hate making them!